Secret Service Saturday

I know that today is not Saturday, but I decided that I have not done one of these posts for a long, long, time and so it is way overdue.  I figured that because it is so close to the holidays that we might need all weekend to get this accomplished, so therefore, I am posting my Secret Service Saturday on Friday!  :)


 So what is our Secret Service Saturday?  

It is just simply what it says…do some kind of secret service for someone today (or this weekend)  It can be something as simple as let someone in line in front of you.  Let someone in when you are driving and do it with a smile.  Pay for the person behind you at the drive-up window when you are buying lunch.  (This happened to me once and I have never forgotten how wonderful it made me feel!)  Smile at someone today.  Offer to help someone who could use your assistance.  Just be kind with your words and your actions.  

Who knows, maybe you will just feel better about your day and yourself!

Thanks for visiting today. Have a great weekend everyone.  I am thankful for all of you and your kind comments and your support, so thank you and I hope that all of your holidays plans are happy and all of your Christmas wishes are coming true!

Love Ya!

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3 thoughts on “Secret Service Saturday

  1. what a wonderful idea at a time when we so often start to feel sorry for ourselves because of the hectic rush of the season. Thanks for the reminder to always think of others first!

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