mumkin planter

Perfect Pumpkin Planter & Monogram Pumpkin

Here are two fun pumpkin ideas for your fall decorating.  The great thing about these two ideas is that they can be used all the way through Thanksgiving!  You can make them now  and keep them through all of the fall holidays!pumpkin planterThis first idea is a great way to use a pumpkin and succulent plants!  This would be a darling table centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or you can do what I did and put it in my kitchen windows behind my sink!  I love it there!

(Don’t you love that tree in the background with the beautiful leaves??…It is beautiful… until  they start falling off and you have to begin raking and mulching them all!)pumpkin planterThe succulents are only sitting on the top of the pumpkin!  You do not hollow out the pumpkin, so it will not rot on you for a longer amount of time!Perfect Pumpkin PlanterHere is a close-up of the plants.  I saw this idea on Studio 5, a local TV show,  just click on the link for a full tutorial on how to make your own “Perfect Pumpkin Planter”.  The best thing about this planter is that you can save the succulents and put them in another planter after you are done with this one!  I love that I can recycle this!

And here is another fun pumpkin idea:Monogram PumpkinSimply put a vinyl monogram on your pumpkin!  So pretty and would also be a fun table centerpiece or a fun accent on your Halloween porch:Halloween porchI will leave this out on my porch after all the Halloween decorations come down.  I am loving that I can use both of these ideas long after Halloween!

Here is one more pumpkin planter that I did 3 years ago!mumkin planter

Pumpkin Planter aka “Mumkin”

In this planter, the inside of the pumpkin is hollowed out, so it will not keep as long as the succulent planter, but this is beautiful if you need something that does not need to last for months!

What fun pumpkin ideas do you have that you can use for either Halloween or through all of the fall holidays?  I would love to hear about them.

I think this about wraps up the Halloween ideas for this year.  I hope that you have had as much fun as I have with decorating and making Halloween crafts this year!  

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Sophie Magazine

Trick or Treat Shadow Box

Here is one more Halloween decoration, but you could make these for any holiday just by changing out the paper, sentiment and what goes in between the glass!  Hmm, I think I need to do a fun one for Thanksgiving!  

I got this idea from Kerri Bradford’s:  Jingle All the Way frame, and wanted to try one for the Haunting Halloween Season.

trick or treat shadow boxI did two different papers for the back and it gave them each a  totally different look.trick or treat shadow boxI love this one with the the subway art  for the background.  It is more of a retro look!  The spider is just taped to the front on the glass and gives it a bit of a spooky touch!trick or treat shadow boxThis other paper is more of a fun, whimsical look, and goes with the candy corn theme.trick or treat shadow boxHere is a close-up of the frame.  The paper is in the back of the shadow box, the candy corns are in between the glass and the back and the spider and the vinyl saying are on the front of the glass.   So easy to make and a fun little addition to the holiday!

I have a little bit of fun news today and I am thrilled to tell you that I got one of my projects published in a small magazine for women called, “Sophie”!  They contacted me and want to know if they could publish my witch boots table runner!Sophie Magazine-witch boots table runnerOf course, I told them yes!Sophie MagazineThey printed a picture of the table runner and gave a link to my blog!  I was so excited!  Check it out here.  Here is the original link to the table runner, if anyone wants the information on the pattern etc.witch boots table runnerSo there you have a couple more Halloween ideas.  I am pretty close to the end of the Halloween ideas.  It will soon be time to move onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!  UGH! 

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stem, leaves and vines

Paperback Book Pumpkins

Last week at our Girls weekend, I showed you a picture of a couple of unfinished projects.  I got one of those projects completed this week and I love how it turned out!  These pumpkins are perfect for any fall decorating, not just for Halloween!  I can leave these up through Thanksgiving!  Hurray!  And aren’t they adorable??Paperback Pumpkins/Pink Polka Dot CreationsI told you when we were out shopping during our Girl’s weekend that we made a stop at the DI.  Well, this is what it was for…old paperback books!  I think I bought 5 to make projects with and 5 more to read!paperback pumpkinsThese make a darling centerpiece for your table.  You can make a whole patch of pumpkins, or just one and put it up on a pedestal!how to make paperback book pumpkinsThese are really easy to make…but just a warning…they are messy if you are cutting them out by hand!  First, tear off the front and back cover and bend the book in the spine, so that it loosens it up.  Then just draw the shape of pumpkin that you want.   I did three different sizes and three different shapes.  Make them tall and skinny or short and plump whatever you are in the mood for.  With scissors and/or an xacto knife, just start cutting on the line that you drew.  They do not need to be perfect.  I cut about 8-10 pages at a time depending on the thickness of the paper.  The old books with yellowed pages are great for this project.  Keep cutting until you have cut the entire book.  Roll the spine to get the pages separated and then glue down the spine and the front and the back pages together.  I also glued in places where there was a little gap, but again these do not need to be perfect!stem, leaves and vinesSpray paint the edges of the pumpkin orange and then add a couple of felt leaves, a twig for the stem and green pipe cleaners for the vines!  Hot glue it all on the pumpkin and you are done!

I have heard of these being cut with a band saw and I think that would work really well, but since I don’t own a band saw, I had to cut by hand, but you could cut all three of these easily in one evening!paperback pumpkinsSo now you have a project that you could complete this weekend!  And they are perfect for the whole fall season…so what are you waiting for…go find some old paperback books and get started!

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Meet the Mormons

My husband and I went to see the movie “Meet the Mormons”

For those of you that do not know from reading my blog…I am a Mormon.

 I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This movie is very powerful and moving.  Everyone has different ideas of what “Mormons are all about.  This movie tells some of the things that we believe, and follows  6 different people from all around the world , who are Mormons.  Their stories are all very inspirational and moving!

If you’ve ever had any questions about what our religion is about… I would encourage you take the opportunity to see this movie!

Check out this short trailer!


 There is also a beautiful song by David Archuleta called “Glorious”

you can download it here. 

Hope you enjoy this!  If any of you have any questions about my church, I would love to try to answer them for you!  Please contact me.

Hope you have a great day everyone!  Thanks for visiting!

Halloween count down

Halloween Count Down and More!

I have a couple more Halloween ideas for you today!  Are you getting your fill of Halloween yet…or are you just getting started with the whole haunting thing?

This first idea is one that I did two years ago.  Halloween count down


skeleton quilt

Skeleton Quilt

Happy Friday everyone!  

I hope that you are looking forward to the weekend as much I am!  I have a lot going on  this weekend…and I will share it with you next week! 

Caution!  Skeleton Crossing

Here is a fun quilt that is simply a printed panel with a border sewn around the edge!  I love the skeleton, it is perfect for this Halloween season.  

A little bit spooky and a little bit cute!

skeleton quilt (more…)

the little bat

Halloween Printables Roundup!

Today I have a roundup of some of the past printables that I have done for Halloween.  There is still plenty of time to get these printed and framed to include with your Halloween decor or to put on your desk or to give to a friend!    I have also included my fun Trick or Treat Bingo!  So you have plenty to choose from and you have no excuses for not being in the great Halloween Spirit!  Go to the link to get the best copy for printables!the little bat (more…)

halloween lamp

Halloween Porch

I have some fun pictures today from my friend’s Halloween porch!  She always has a beautiful yard with flowers and pots everywhere in the summer and this is what it looks like now for Halloween!Halloween Porch (more…)


Halloween Table Runner

I saw this pattern a couple of weeks ago and being the Halloween nut that I am, I decided that I needed to make it!  It does not matter that I have so many Halloween quilts and table runners already that I have to lay them on the backs of chairs!   I just could not resist the cuteness of this one!Halloween Table Runner (more…)