October 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Can you believe that it is October already???  Where does the time go?  I am excited to listen to conference this weekend and to just relax and enjoy the weekend in my sweats!

This month the Visiting Teaching message for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is:  The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  Bread of Life.Oct 2014 VT handoutI think that we all need to think about the quote from Elder D. Todd Christofferson about how we should look to God each day for the help and sustenance we require in that particular day.  How true this is and yet how often do we forget?  I also liked the “Consider This” question and added it to the top corner…When we come unto Christ, how does he nourish us?

Oct-VT-2014Here is the printable card.  I have had several people ask how to print this as a jpg file to send to a photo processing center.  You need to right click over the image and go to “save image as”  then save it in a (pictures) folder.  You can then send it to your favorite photo processing center to be printed or print it on photo paper from your own printer.  Both of these cards have been formatted to a 4 x 6 size card.  I recommend printing with the highest quality print and on photo paper to get the best results.Oct-VT-2014-BlankHere is the blank card for those of you that would like to translate or for those of you that need a fun invite, card, note or just a cute list paper!

Here is the pdf file, just click on the link for the download:  Oct VT 2014 Oct 2014 VT handoutI added a loaf of pumpkin bread from Kneaders…because it is such a sweet savory bread, this time of the year!  But you could add your own homemade bread or try this easy French Baguette Bread recipe.  You could also just add a fun Monster Mash mix instead of the bread.  I just thought the bread idea was fun to go with the “Bread of Life.”

Thanks for visiting today and Happy Visiting this month!

Conference snack tags

More Halloween Ideas


Today I have a couple more Halloween ideas for you to use! My husband and I went up to the cabin again last weekend and I found this cute little sign at a grocery store, of all places!  I just could not resist this one!  It sits on the porch by the front door.a scary jack-o-lantern

I will let you guess which one I am!

This first idea is my Halloween Table Quilt that I made last year.  I think that it turned out pretty cute.  I love all the details in this little quilt.  It is good for a wall hanging or for a table quilt, but I am using mine on my kitchen table and I love to look at it every time I go by!  :)

Halloween Table Quilt

Halloween Table Quilt

Next is a fun treat for you to make that the kids love to help with!  You can use any sprinkles that you have…but the holiday ones are always so festive!

chocolate dipped rice crispies

Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispies

And one more fun recipe! smores snack mixS’mores snack Mix  

This weekend is General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It is something that I always look forward to, we are able to watch the sessions on TV, so it is nice to gather your family around you and enjoy it all together.  

I had a request to make some Conference Snack tags to go along with the S’mores Snack Mix for conference and decided to make a whole page of different tags, so you can pick which treat you would like to use.  They are available now in my shop for a quick download.  All you do is print and cut out!

These darling tags are perfect for your LDS Conference Snacking. They are great little incentives to remind your conference listeners of the importance of listening to the Prophet!   You can use the S’mores Snack Mix, Soda, Snickers or M& M’s with these fun tags! Make this conference weekend a “Sweet” one to remember!  There are 12 tags is all, so you can give one to your Grandkids, family, your visiting teaching sisters, your primary or youth classes, or anyone that you know that wants to make conference a little “Sweeter”!

Conference snack tags


Have you put out your Halloween decorations yet?  I am in the process of getting mine all out.  I  have gotten most of it out, but need to do a little cleaning to get the rest done.  I also need to pull all the plants out of my pots on the front porch and put some pumpkins out.  My father-in-law just brought a bunch of pumpkins for all the grandkids…and for me! 

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for visiting.  



Monster Mash Mix

Today I have a fun Monster Mash mix to make.  This is perfect for any of your fall gatherings, football night, Halloween party, neighbor treat, visiting teaching, teacher gift, FHE or just a great sweet and salty mix for yourself!

These are cute in a mason jar:monster mash jarOr tied up in smaller bags!

monster mash bags

The recipe that I used is this combination, but you can personalize this to your own liking!

6-8 cups salted caramel corn (from Costco)  You could also use Crunch and Munch

1/2 bag pretzels (4 ounces) any shape

6 cups Bugles

1 bag candy corn (24 oz)

1 bag fall colored M & M’s (12.60 oz)

2 cups nuts- peanuts, mixed nuts, honey roasted, or cashews

Optional: dried cranberries or raisins

Mix all together in a big bowl, divide into packages and tie this cute “Monster Mash” tag on with a big bow!Monster-Mash-tagHere is the download:  monster mash tags.  I would suggest that you print these on photo paper or high quality paper using the best or photo print setting in your printer to get the highest quality.  You can also right click over the image and go to “save image as” then save in a pictures folder and print with your own printer.  This is formatted to an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

 And while you are making this fun mix…you might just want to listen to this video that I  found on you tube!  How many of you remember hearing this song every year for Halloween?  It is an oldie but a goodie!

Thanks for visiting and have a great Monday, while singing the monster mash, because now that song is going to be in your head all day… You are welcome!


I'd turn back sign

Favorite Friday Finds

Happy Friday Everyone!  It is the weekend and time to relax and unwind from another busy week!  Do you get to relax and unwind, or are your weekends packed to the limits?  I hope that you get to have an enjoyable weekend whatever it is that you are doing!

Today I have a couple of my new favorite finds!  I found these at one of my favorite places to visit.. Gygi’s!   You really should visit their site and check out the Halloween section! 

When I went there last week I saw this darling apron, and it just kept calling out to me to buy it…it was a haunting voice and so I obliged!  But I bet if it had been you who had been haunted, you would have bought it too!mummy dearest apron (more…)


Candy Corn Boxes

Hey everyone!  Today I have a fun new product in the store!  It is these darling candy corn boxes and matching tags.   They would be perfect for any Halloween name place setting, treat boxes, party favors or to hand out to those special little trick-or-treaters on that haunted Halloween Night!

There are two sizes and they also include a darling tag to tie on to them! They are so easy to make.  Simply print, cut out and glue together.  Fill with your favorite treats or trinkets and tie the tag on!  They are so cute and everyone will want to know how you made them!

(These are a digital download only.  You will have to print and cut them out.)candy corn boxesCandy Corn Boxes with Tags


Halloween Soup Can Surprise

Cute Halloween Ideas

I love Halloween like a lot of you out there…but like a lot of you out there…I only like the cute Halloween things, not the scary ones!  So I thought that it would be fun to start sharing some fun, cute Halloween ideas today.  Some of these ideas are from an older post and some are what I have pinned on Pinterest.  Hope these give you and idea or two that you can use this Halloween!  Just click on the link below each image for the details.

This first one is a fun way to surprise the little spooks in your family!  You will need to start collecting all of those empty soup cans, so start eating soup for lunch. :)  All kids young and old love this fun way to receive treats or small trinkets.  This has a free printable for the labels!Halloween Soup Can Surprise

Halloween Soup Can Surprise   (more…)

French Baguettes

French Baguette Bread

One of my finds at Swiss Days this year was a baguette bread pan from the Food Nanny!  I have been making baguette bread on a cookie sheet and it works fine, but the baguette pan gives your bread the rounded bottom and it put the design of the holes on the bottom! Purely, cosmetic, but oh so fun!French Baguette Bread (more…)

Shop Pink Polka Dot Creations!

Hey everyone, I have great news!  My shop is now up and running again!  I am so excited and I will be adding new products all the time!  

Just click on the Shop link and it will take you to the different categories.  Check out some of the fun fall decorations  like this:

Halloween Banner

and fun party games like

Don’t Eat Jack

and Tic-Tac-Toe

There is also a fun Halloween Party Pack 

With this fun party  pack you can show your Halloween spirit!  It is perfect for parties, gifts, activities and Halloween celebrations. It includes, 4 different bottle wraps, 4 different bag toppers, 12 cupcake or straw toppers in 6 different designs, plus a fun Halloween tic tac toe game!  Add on the “Halloween Banner” for the perfect way to decorate!  You can also add the “Don’t Eat Pete” game for another fun activity to go with your Halloween party! All you have to do is print and cut out and you have everything that you need for that perfectly “Haunting Party!

I would love for you to browse through the shop and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy!  I would also LOVE suggestions of things that you would like to see in the future.  I have a couple of ideas for Halloween already in the making and they will be added next week!   I also have a few ideas rolling around in my head…if I can just get them to come out right!  :)

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Shopping!

Autumn is like

Thursday’s Thought-Autumn is like…

I love the fall time!  

I love the changing of the seasons and the fact that it is starting to cool down at night.  I  love the leaves turning colors, football games, hot chocolate, bonfires, and all of the fall holidays!  I have not always loved fall however, when I was younger, it seemed like kind of a depressing time with all the leaves and flowers “dying”.  The kids would go off to school and my husband used to hunt a lot and it just seemed like a lonely time…WHAT WAS I THINKING???   I am so glad that I can see the  beauty of the Autumn weather and enjoy all the changes that this season brings.  I guess that I just needed to be old enough to accept change and see all the good in that!  Just as in life, we need to accept change and look for the good things around us!Autumn is like I love this thought!  Isn’t it so true?!

Happy Thursday everyone and thanks for visiting today!