pumpkin cake donuts

Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts

For our Halloween party that we did a couple of days ago, I made some baked pumpkin cake doughnuts and they turned out delicious!  These doughnuts were moist and with the cinnamon/sugar coating they had just the right amount of sweetness!baked pumpkin cake doughnutsThese were really easy to make and I love that they are baked, not deep fried…So, you don’t have to feel quite so guilty about eating 1 or 2 of these!doughnut pansI found these doughnut pans and I am excited about trying out some other kinds of doughnuts!  I am thinking about some caramel ones with maple frosting or pumpkin ones with cream cheese frosting!  I’ll let you know how they turn out after I get some made!  :)pumpkin cake donutsBut these with the cinnamon sugar were very tasty and most of the little kids loved them… I knew that all of the big kids (adults) would like them and they did!

This recipe is from King Arthur Flour. Visit that link for the recipe to make your own batch!  These would also be great as muffins, if you do not have a doughnut pan and the directions for those are also included in this recipe!pumpkin cake doughnutsDo you  need a little sweetness in your life today?  These doughnuts would be perfect for any fall gathering…football games, FHE, parties, a Thanksgiving treat, or just for a sweet treat for you or your family!

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Halloween 2014

Our Halloween Party 2014

Happy Halloween From our House to Yours!
Halloween 2014

 We had our family Halloween party last night and the kids all had a great time!  We had a football player, a witch, Cleopatra, a giant Elmo??, an owl, Gene Simmons and a bat!  Aren’t they a fun group?

We had chili and homemade chicken noodle soup along with salad and bread sticks and a witch’s brew with bloody hands!Witch's BrewThere was a whole candy bar…isn’t that what Halloween is all about…the candy?Halloween goodiesand more candy…Halloween partyThere were candy for the little kids and candy for the big kids…Boo BoxesI made the “Boo” boxes with my Silhouette machine and I put salted caramels in them for the adults.  Apple Pie Caramel ApplesThe adults also got an apple pie caramel apple!

We played Halloween bowling, pin the heart on the skeleton, and of course the famous “Grandma’s fishing pond!”  All in all, we had a great time and this grandma is so glad that it is done for one more year!  :)Halloween OwlThe star of the show is our darling little owl!  She is just starting to talk and say things and her favorite thing to say is: “whoo, whoo”…so when her mom saw this owl costume, she just had to get it!  

Do you have a Halloween party planned?  Or do you have to help with a school party or a church social or even need an idea for FHE?  Here are a couple of other games that you could use:

Don’t Eat Jack, Halloween Tic Tac Toe,  and Halloween Bingo.

If you need some party favors, check out the Halloween Party Pack and the Candy Corn Boxes

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5 little lines

Friday’s Favorite Find


It’s time once again for one of my Friday’s Favorite Finds!

I got this find at Swiss Days a couple of months ago, but I have been waiting to share it because I wanted it to be a little closer to Christmas…because this would make a great gift either for yourself or for someone special.5 little lines (more…)


Thursday’s Thought- I’m So Glad…

Since today is Thursday…it’s time once again to do a Thursday’s Thought!

I live in Utah, and our Autumn has been absolutely beautiful this year!  When we go walking in the morning, there is a crisp bite to the air, but by the time we get done the sun is starting to warm up the day!  I can still go outside to play with the kids and enjoy the beautiful world that we live in.  I have a lot of trees in my yard and the colors have been amazing…and I really don’t even mind raking and mulching the leave when the weather is so gorgeous.

So that is what prompted my thought for today.Octobers-quote-000-Page-1

Here is the download:  Octobers

Have you had a beautiful October where you live? 

I hope that you will take a minute today to just enjoy the fact that we have Octobers in our lives!  It is a beautiful season…whether we are talking about the month or the season in our life!  Enjoy every moment!

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mumkin planter

Perfect Pumpkin Planter & Monogram Pumpkin

Here are two fun pumpkin ideas for your fall decorating.  The great thing about these two ideas is that they can be used all the way through Thanksgiving!  You can make them now  and keep them through all of the fall holidays!pumpkin planter (more…)

Sophie Magazine

Trick or Treat Shadow Box

Here is one more Halloween decoration, but you could make these for any holiday just by changing out the paper, sentiment and what goes in between the glass!  Hmm, I think I need to do a fun one for Thanksgiving!  

I got this idea from Kerri Bradford’s:  Jingle All the Way frame, and wanted to try one for the Haunting Halloween Season.

trick or treat shadow box (more…)

stem, leaves and vines

Paperback Book Pumpkins

Last week at our Girls weekend, I showed you a picture of a couple of unfinished projects.  I got one of those projects completed this week and I love how it turned out!  These pumpkins are perfect for any fall decorating, not just for Halloween!  I can leave these up through Thanksgiving!  Hurray!  And aren’t they adorable??Paperback Pumpkins/Pink Polka Dot Creations (more…)

Meet the Mormons

My husband and I went to see the movie “Meet the Mormons”

For those of you that do not know from reading my blog…I am a Mormon.

 I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This movie is very powerful and moving.  Everyone has different ideas of what “Mormons are all about.  This movie tells some of the things that we believe, and follows  6 different people from all around the world , who are Mormons.  Their stories are all very inspirational and moving!

If you’ve ever had any questions about what our religion is about… I would encourage you take the opportunity to see this movie!

Check out this short trailer!


 There is also a beautiful song by David Archuleta called “Glorious”

you can download it here. 

Hope you enjoy this!  If any of you have any questions about my church, I would love to try to answer them for you!  Please contact me.

Hope you have a great day everyone!  Thanks for visiting!

Halloween count down

Halloween Count Down and More!

I have a couple more Halloween ideas for you today!  Are you getting your fill of Halloween yet…or are you just getting started with the whole haunting thing?

This first idea is one that I did two years ago.  Halloween count down