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Halloween Decorations 2015

Halloween House Tour 2015

Today I have my Halloween House Tour 2015!  I have not done this for a couple of years, so decided it would be fun to do it once again!  My granddaughter, (and grandson) helped me put up all of the Halloween decorations a couple of days ago.  We had a fun time putting up some new decorations along with the old!Halloween Decorations 2015 Continue reading

TT &J projects

Nursery Decor and More!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post for Tater Tots and Jello with a paper line that was sent to me.  I chose to do some Nursery Decor and more!

I was so honored to be a part of her fun challenge to see what I could make with the fun box of goodies  that she sent to me…it was just like Christmas when I opened the box!

TT &J projects Continue reading

cabin chairs-redo

Yard Sale Chairs for the Cabin

A week ago my husband and I were coming back from our property in Upton, Utah and I saw a “Home Goods Sale” sign.  We were after the hours listed on this sale, but there was no date, so we decided to check it out and see if we could possibly come back the next day!  Well, the sweet lady that was holding the sale came out when we pulled in the driveway and she just opened up her sale to us!  Happy Day!  :)

I found 3 chairs, 2 wall lamps for the cabin, and a wonderful metal tub to plant flowers in!  My son came up the next morning and he got a beautiful game table, a lamp, a wall light and a gorgeous metal bowl.

These are the chairs that I found:Yard Sale Chairs Continue reading

Ether 12:4

Women’s Conference

We had a Stake Relief Society Women’s Conference at our church this past weekend.  It is an annual event that the  Stake Relief Society puts on.  The Relief Society is an organization for the women in our church.  There was a keynote speaker and then we broke out into different classes.  After all of the classes there was a luncheon.  I was asked to be in charge of the decorations for the tables and the cultural hall, for the luncheon.
 I had a committee of amazing women to help me!Stake RS Women's Conf. Continue reading

book Christmas trees

Book Christmas Trees

Last fall at our Girl’s Weekend we learned how to make these Book Christmas Trees from my friend, Kathy.  I did not show these before now, because I made a couple of them for Christmas gifts!  But they are really easy to make and you can do them while you are watching a movie, a ballgame, Downton Abby or whatever it is that you like to watch! :)book Christmas trees Continue reading

halloween lamp

Halloween Porch

I have some fun pictures today from my friend’s Halloween porch!  She always has a beautiful yard with flowers and pots everywhere in the summer and this is what it looks like now for Halloween!Halloween Porch Continue reading

Fall Chalkboard Door

Fall Chalkboard Door

I love the fall time!  

I love the cooler weather and I love the leaves changing colors and I love that the yard work is soon coming to an end! :)  I also love to decorate for the fall holidays!  Even though some days it still feels like summer, the evenings cool down and you can tell that fall is in the air.  So I decided that it was time to change up my chalkboard door for Autumn!Fall Chalkboard Door Continue reading