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Thursday’s Thought- I’m So Glad…

Since today is Thursday…it’s time once again to do a Thursday’s Thought!

I live in Utah, and our Autumn has been absolutely beautiful this year!  When we go walking in the morning, there is a crisp bite to the air, but by the time we get done the sun is starting to warm up the day!  I can still go outside to play with the kids and enjoy the beautiful world that we live in.  I have a lot of trees in my yard and the colors have been amazing…and I really don’t even mind raking and mulching the leave when the weather is so gorgeous.

So that is what prompted my thought for today.Octobers-quote-000-Page-1

Here is the download:  Octobers

Have you had a beautiful October where you live? 

I hope that you will take a minute today to just enjoy the fact that we have Octobers in our lives!  It is a beautiful season…whether we are talking about the month or the season in our life!  Enjoy every moment!

Thanks for Visiting today and have a Happy October Day!

Autumn is like

Thursday’s Thought-Autumn is like…

I love the fall time!  

I love the changing of the seasons and the fact that it is starting to cool down at night.  I  love the leaves turning colors, football games, hot chocolate, bonfires, and all of the fall holidays!  I have not always loved fall however, when I was younger, it seemed like kind of a depressing time with all the leaves and flowers “dying”.  The kids would go off to school and my husband used to hunt a lot and it just seemed like a lonely time…WHAT WAS I THINKING???   I am so glad that I can see the  beauty of the Autumn weather and enjoy all the changes that this season brings.  I guess that I just needed to be old enough to accept change and see all the good in that!  Just as in life, we need to accept change and look for the good things around us!Autumn is like I love this thought!  Isn’t it so true?!

Happy Thursday everyone and thanks for visiting today!

love@home neon

Thursday’s Thought-love@home

Today’s thought is just a very simple one that I thought would be fun printed and put in a frame.  It is just an updated version of an oldie but goodie.

I have a frame that is 4 x 10 and I just thought that this saying would look so cute in this frame, so that is the reason for the size of this quote.  


I did just a basic color…

love@home neonAnd just for fun, I did a neon one!

You can download both of them here:  love@home.  I printed it out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of photo paper and cut it out.

Put these in a frame and they would make fun gifts for newlyweds, birthdays, family members or just for your own home decor!love@home picSo how do you like this neon one?   I kind of like the updated look!

Hope you have a great Thursday and that you can have love@home!

Thanks for visiting!

I would rather sit on a pumpkin

Thursday’s Thought-I Would Rather Sit On A Pumpkin,

 I can’t believe it…fall is right around the corner.  My big maple tree is just starting to turn red,  the kids are back in school, Swiss Days is coming this weekend, (yeah!) it is canning season and the air is finally starting to cool down a bit!  So I guess that it time to start with some fall projects and fall thoughts!  :)  

This thought just makes me smile because I think that I would probably like to sit on a pumpkin alone, too!

I would rather sit on a pumpkinI think that I am going to print and frame this and put it in my kitchen, just because it makes me smile to think about sitting on my own pumpkin!

Even though there are still  a few days left in August…Happy Fall Y’all!  :)

Thanks for visiting today, I appreciate your support!

In every walk in Nature

Thursday’s Thought-In Every Walk In Nature…

I thought that it would be fun to use one of my pictures from The Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, to make my thought for today!  There were several quotes that I have, but I loved this one about walking in nature!In every walk in NatureI know that I am weird in my love for flowers…so you may have to deal with a few more flower pictures in future posts!  :)  Is there a flowers-anonymous  club that I should join???

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Thanks for Visiting Today!

I won't tell.../pink polka dot creations

Thursday’s Thought- I won’t tell…

I have not done a Thursday thought in awhile so I decided that it was time to get back into my routine!  If you are a grandma or you have a grandma you will know what this thought is all about! :)

I won't tell.../pink polka dot creationsThis has the same meaning as the Las Vegas Slogan:  What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.

What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s!  

Right?  I think so.

This would be a fun as a framed print for your grandma!  I am sure that it would make her smile.  If you don’t print it, at least send it on to her.

I love being a grandma and having fun with the grandkids.  They find joy in the simplest things and I love looking at the world through their eyes!   I love that I can spoil them and then send them home!  :)

Thanks for visiting today…and let’s try to look at the world today through a child’s eye!



Thursday’s Thought-Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself.

Well, another week is almost over and Thursday is already here…so that means that it is time to do my Thursday’s Thought!


Click here for the download: Life isn’t about finding yourself

I love this thought, because we really do create our own selves.  Everything that we do, or don’t do…defines who we are and that is exciting that we can control our own destiny!  Many different things and circumstances make up our lives and how we live and react to those things make up who become!  

So Dream BIG & Live BIG!

Happy Thursday Everyone and Thanks for Visiting!

A good ffather

Thursday’s Thought-A Good Father is…

Today for my Thursday’s thought, I decided that I had better do one more Father’s Day quotes.  I think that this one is so true.  Good dad’s are sometimes hard to come by.  I am so grateful for my own father and the great example that he is to my family and I.  We all just love him to death!  I am also grateful for my husband’s father.  He too, is well loved by all of us!A good ffather

This would be fun printed and framed for the father in your life!  To  print just click on this link:  Father’s Day

I am also so grateful for my husband who was always there for my children as they were growing up…and is still there for them all the time.  They still value his opinion on things from raising the kids to finances to sports questions and everything in between!  It is so great that they feel like they can call him anytime and he will take the time to talk to them!

If you have a great father in your life, be sure to tell him how much you love and appreciate all that he has done for you!

Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads out there!


Thursday’s Thought-Father’s Day

Today I decided that I would do a round-up of some of my past Father’s Day and Family sayings and gift ideas. This way you have a collection of them all in the same place!

Father's Day Collage Continue reading