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vintage crochet snowflakes

Vintage Crochet Snowflakes

Vintage Crochet Snowflakes

How is everyone doing?  Are you all ready for the big Thanksgiving Holiday?

I am usually on Team Thanksgiving…but this year I decided to get my Christmas up early!!!  I had the help of several of my grandkids and kids!

So with all of their help, I was able to get everything all done in the decorating department in just 2 days!!!  I think I will recruit them every year from here on out.

Today, I have a fun idea that some of you might want to give a try.  They are Vintage Crochet Snowflakes!vintage crochet snowflakes Continue reading

Flea Market Finds

Vintage Flea Market Finds

Vintage Flea Market Finds!

My son, his girlfriend and I went antiquing last weekend.  

These are my Vintage Flea Market Finds!

We went to the “The Fixed Up Flea Market” in Lehi, UT.

This flea market was in conjunction with Lehi Round-up Days and they had some really fun vendors and merchandise!Flea Market Finds Continue reading

vintage bench

Vintage Flea Market Bench

This last weekend I went to the Cowboy Vintage and Flea in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  It was a beautiful fall day and perfect for wandering around a vintage market!  I found a couple of fun things and just enjoyed myself in the fun atmosphere of the market.  My vintage flea Market bench was my favorite find, but let me show you some of the beautiful sights first:vintage trailer Continue reading

vintage finds

Vintage Finds

I posted on Instagram that I went to a Vintage Market last weekend, so today I thought that I would share my Vintage Finds!  This market was fun, but I do have to admit that it was just a little bit overwhelming to me.

 I loved everything there and so to pick just a few items was hard to do!vintage finds Continue reading