frosted Christmas jars

Frosted Christmas Jars

The project I have today…Frosted Christmas Jars…is an oldie, but a goodie!

frosted Christmas jarsThey are super simple to make, but add such a beautiful touch!

Many of you may remember making these in days gone by.  I love the vintage look and the beautiful frosted glass with the lights shining through.  It is quite a statement!

frosted Christmas jarsTo make these Frosted Christmas Jars, all you need is Mod Podge, Epsom salt and of course your jars!  Mason jars work great, but look around and see if you have any other fun jars that you can frost!frosted Christmas jarsI found these square jars in the canning aisle at Wal-mart!  They are called “Sharing Jars” and I think they are adorable!

The small jar is a 8 ounce Jam jar.

To make these frosted Christmas jars, you simply brush a generous layer of Mod Podge all over the outside of your jar with a sponge brush.   Then coat firmly with Epsom salt.   For even more sparkle you can add a pinch or two of glitter to the salt before applying to the jar. 

Fine gold glitter is what I used, I like it, but it does not show up really well.  The plain white would be just as pretty!

After drying, I added battery votive’s and Christmas picks.  You could use some leftover greenery or ornaments too.Frosted Christmas jarsI love the look of them during the daylight almost as much as I like the romantic look of them in the evening!  You can see the gold glitter in this picture.  It gives just a hint of shine!

Simply add a few bottle brush trees and you have a darling little display!

frosted Christmas jarsThis little vignette sits in the corner, right behind my sink in the kitchen.  It looks so festive with the Christmas Window Treatment. 

frosted Christmas jarsSo these are my  vintage Frosted Christmas Jars. 

Do any of you need a table centerpiece, a Christmas display on your island, or dresser or a hall table? 

These jars are easy to make and they are very elegant!

Thanks for Visiting…Hope you are having a Holly kind of day!

15 thoughts on “Frosted Christmas Jars

    1. Marcia, You are ahead of me! That is one of the suggestions that I am going to use for the Dec VT handout! They are so easy, cute and inexpensive, yet they look beautiful! Thanks for your comment! Happy Holidays!

    1. Kathryn, Thank you for taking the time to write your kind comment. I love your sweet words and your support. Hope your holidays are filled with love, light and joy!

    1. Di, You are very welcome. I am glad that you can use some of my ideas…it makes me a happy girl! Hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Visiting!

  1. Thanks so much, my v/t sisters love me coming now and it’s given me a boost to get my v/t done early, just to see their pleasure.

  2. I love these and thinking of changing it up a bit. I collected quite a few cans this year and I’m hoping the mod podge/Epson salts works on them. I’ll fill with candied pecans and and top with a tied on Christmas print. Thanks so much.
    I get so many compliments each month on the VT handouts and ideas and I keep telling them I don’t have an original thought in my head. It is all pinkpolkadotcreations!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. Joan, Thank for for taking the time to share your idea!! I love it. Also thanks for your kind words and sweet support. Good luck with your frosted cans…they sound darling!

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