Oreo Christmas Trees

Oreo Christmas Trees

The other day I had a few of my grandkids over so we decided to make Oreo Christmas Trees!  The kids had a great time and they each got to take their own Oreo Christmas Tree home!  They thought that was wonderful!  :)Oreo Christmas TreesWe had a fun time making these and I hope we made some fun memories too!making Oreo Christmas TreesWe started out by dipping our Oreo Cookies into melted white chocolate that I tinted green.  You could use the green chocolate melts but I could not find any anywhere!  That’s what I get for waiting so long to get it!Oreo Christmas TreesThen we added sprinkles to the chocolate while it was still wet.  We put a Popsicle stick in one of the cookies for the tree trunk.Oreo Christmas TreesWe arranged our Oreo Christmas Trees on a fun scrapbook paper so they looked like the shape of a tree. We melted some milk chocolate and piped a string along the tree for the mini M & M’s “lights”!Oreo Christmas TreesThey all thought that it was wonderful that they got to take their own tree home!  I was just glad that they did and I did not have all of them at my house to eat!Oreo Christmas TreesDo you need a fun little project to do at your house?  This is great for the kids, it is easy and they can personalize their Oreo Christmas trees to their own liking! 

How are all of you coming with your Christmas preparations?  My daughter just informed me that the kids are out of school starting next week!  Yikes!  I need to get everything done this week!

Thanks for Visiting.  Hope you have a HO HO HOLLY Day!

3 thoughts on “Oreo Christmas Trees

  1. Rita, these are so cute, and I think any child would like to make an Oreo Christmas tree. Your grandkids are so lucky to have you for their talented Grandma…Merry Christmas to you and your family…Be safe and may you be blessed.

    1. Norma, What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing. This is a fun food project and everyone loves making them. Good luck in April. Rita

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