Oh Christmas Tree

Thursday’s Thought- Oh Christmas Tree

Today I have a thought and a song for you…not that the thought is a song, which it is…but I also have a song!  Does any of this make sense?  I think that I need to get more sleep!

I am one lucky girl because every time I walk outside at night, or look out my front windows…this is what I see!Oh Christmas TreeThese trees are in my neighbors yard and they look so beautiful with their silver twinkly lights.  They have white lights on their house and the silver lights on the tree are amazing next to each other!

Do you love to look at the Christmas lights?  This is one of my most favorite activities to do at Christmas time?

Now, here is my favorite Christmas song for this year!  Have you heard this group…they are absolutely wonderful. My grandkids sing this song all of the time and I love that it is one of their favorite songs too!

So there you have a thought and song for today!  I hope that you are having a good day and that you are tackling some of the things on your Christmas list.  We had our progressive dinner last night for Relief Society and it was a great success, but now I can move on to doing some of the things that are on my own personal list!  :)

I think that I will just put this song on and get to work!

Thanks for visiting!

 Have a Happy Day!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thought- Oh Christmas Tree

  1. Hi Rita. I didn’t see your post till 6am. The song and the trees are a beautiful way to start the day thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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