40 day conference reading challenge

40 Day Conference Challenge-April 2016

Okay everyone…Are you up to the challenge???  I have the new 40 day Conference Reading Challenge.  This  bookmark is for the April 2016 Conference, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The 40 Day Conference Challenge-April 2016, will begin next week!  So today I have the bookmarks ready for you to print and to start getting all your supplies together!40 day conference reading challengeYou need to have a copy or download of the May Ensign with the conference talks, because I have included a few articles from the Church News and Making Conference a part of our lives in the back of the magazines.  I recommend getting your very own copy of the magazine, a highlighter and a pen to mark with and take notes in the margins!  Starting next Wed, Aug 17,  you will read one article a day for 40 days.  You will complete the conference talks on the Sunday before the next October conference! (Can you believe it will soon be time for Conference again?)40 Day conf. reading-April 2016This is the front of the bookmark.  It has the schedule of which article to read that day.  There are three to a page for those of you that are doing multiple bookmarks.  This is the JPEG format, but I suggest clicking on the PDF downloads for a better quality image!  I created a new back this time.  It has a wonderful quote from President Hinckley about learning!

40 day conference bookmark April 2016

40 day conference bookmark April 2016-backs

40 day conference bookmark April 2016- one set

40 day conf. reading one setI also did a single set for those of you that are not printing multiples.  You can print the one set and cut it out and fold in half to make your bookmark.  Once again, just click on the download link that is up above.

40 day conf. reading challenge April 2016I did a 40 Day conference Challenge treat a while back that is fun to do.  Click on the link for the free printables.

sweet is the word

One thing that you can do is to spiral bind your magazine:conference magazineI love to do this because your magazine will lay out flat.  I also use a big paper clip to keep the bookmark in place.  But this is just an option if you want to do it.  Just take your magazine to a copy center or any place that does book binding.  I also like to laminate my front and back cover to give it a little more stability.

It is a great experience to read all of the talks in the suggested random order for 40 consecutive days and remember the counsel that we were given in conference. 

You have a few days to get everything together and we can all start together! So this is the 40 Day Conference Challenge-April 2016!

Are You Up to the Challenge?

14 thoughts on “40 Day Conference Challenge-April 2016

  1. Hi Rita! I have loved participating in your conference reading challenges. Are you by chance planning a new one for October 2016 conference? Thanks so much for sharing your hard work with all of us!

    1. Cori, I will do another challenge for the Oct 2016 conference, but it will not be until about 40 days before the next April conference.

  2. Love your ideas and am getting ready to cover my Ensign and have it spiral bound. I will do the same for those ladies I visit teach and my partner. You are such an inspiration and a blessing! Luv you!

    1. Bonnie, Way to go! I need to get mine spiral bound, I am wearing it out already and have not done it yet! Thank you and Good luck with the challenge!

  3. Great idea. I’m going to get family and friends to do it also. hope we can do this for all future conferences too.

  4. Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put into this! I am so excited to do this challenge and to share it with those around me.

  5. Hi Rita. I created a facebook group page to share in this wonderful challenged you introduced. Please know I credited the idea and schedule to you and I posted the links to your blog. I have had so much fun reading posts from your blog. What a treasure to find! You are an amazing woman, so giving. I wanted to share the facebook link with you. Have a fantastic day!

    Sincerely, Natalie


    1. Natalie, I think that your facebook group page is great! Thanks for your kind comment and your sweet support! I appreciate your kindness, it made my day! Hope you have a great day and good luck with the challenge!

  6. Probably a dumb question, but I’m looking at the downloaded version of the May 2016 Ensign. Where is the very first article? :) Thanks!

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