40 day conf. challenge Oct 2016

40 Day Conference Challenge-Oct 2016

40 Day Conference Challenge-Oct 2016

Okay everyone…Are you up to the challenge???  

Today I have the new 40 day Conference Reading Challenge.  This  bookmark is for the Oct 2016 Conference, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The 40 Day Conference Challenge-Oct 2016, will begin next week!  So today I have the bookmarks ready for you to print and to start getting all your supplies together!40 day conf. challenge Oct 2016

First of all you will need to have a copy or download of the November Ensign with the conference talks.    Included in the reading, is an article from the Church News  in the back of the magazine, so therefore, you need a copy of the Nov. issue.

I recommend getting your very own copy of the magazine, a highlighter and a pen to mark with and take notes in the margins!  

Starting next Wed, Feb 15,  you will read one article a day for 40 days.  You will complete the conference talks on the Sunday before the next April conference!

(Can you believe it will soon be time for Conference again?)Scan.BMPThis is the front of the bookmark.  

It has the schedule of which article to read that day.  

There are three to a page for those of you that are printing multiple bookmarks.  This is the JPEG format, but I suggest clicking on the PDF downloads for a better quality image!

 The back has a wonderful quote from President Hinckley about learning!

Click on the links below for the best printables!

 40 day conference bookmark Oct 2016

40 day conference bookmark Oct 2016-backs

40 day conference bookmark Oct 2016- one setScan-001.BMP

There is a single set for those of you that are not printing multiples.  You can print the one set and cut it out and fold in half to make your bookmark.

 Once again, just click on the download link that is up above.

40 day conf. reading challenge April 2016Consequently,  I came up with a fun reward idea in this 40 Day conference Challenge treat that I made a while back.  Click on that link for the free printables.  

sweet is the word

Most of all if you like your magazine to lay flat…it is a great idea is to spiral bind your magazine:conference magazine   Just take your magazine to a copy center or any place that does book binding.  It is also a good idea to laminate the front and back cover to give it a little more stability.

Lastly…you can also use a big paper clip to keep the bookmark in place.

It is a great experience to read all of the talks in the suggested random order for 40 consecutive days and remember the counsel that we were given in conference. 

You have a few days to get everything together and we can all start together! 

So this is the 40 Day Conference Challenge-Oct 2016!

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Thanks for Visiting!

16 thoughts on “40 Day Conference Challenge-Oct 2016

  1. I am soon glad you did this again! I did it the last time and I loved it!
    Thank you so much for issuing the challenge again!

    1. Debbie, You are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to write your kind comment. I appreciate your sweet words and support! Good luck with the challenge and Happy Reading!

  2. Thank you for your efforts in providing this as well as your monthly visiting teaching handouts. My siblings and I look forward to the 40 day read to prepare us for conference and we do it together, even though we don’t live in the same towns. Your talents are amazing and so appreciative in your sharing them!

    1. Brenda, Your are welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to write your kind comment. I love that you have the support of your siblings and that you can challenge each other and encourage each other. That is really special! Good luck with the challenge and Happy Reading!

  3. The Upland, California stake is grateful to participate in this again! Our Relief Society sisters look forward to this before each conference. What a blessing in our lives. Thanks so much for preparing this for us.

  4. I really love this year to year. In the past, I have been posting the link to the talks on social media along with a picture of your bookmark opened to the Ensign talk each day. Many friends have joined in. I always refer them to your page to print out their own bookmark. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and work.

    1. Erin, Thank you for your kind words and sweet support. I love that you have a group that are doing the reading challenge with you!!! Good luck with the challenge!

  5. Thank you so much, I was surprised to see that it was already time for the “40 day challenge” and was so excited! Thanks again!

    1. Kris, It comes around fast, doesn’t it? It actually surprised me that it was time once again too! Hope you enjoy the challenge. Good luck with the challenge and Happy Reading!

    1. Kim, Thank you so much for taking the time to write kind comment. I love that you are sharing with your Gospel Doctrine class! Good luck with the challenge!

  6. Hi- I love this idea. I wanted to issue a challenge to my RS to read the conference talks this summer. I love this bookmark. Do you have this in a format that I could type the Spring 2017 talks into? If so, I’d love to use this for my ladies:)

    1. Kimberly, I do not have a new bookmark for April conference. I usually put out the challenge 40 days before the next conference. So it will not be until then that I do the new bookmark. Sorry.

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