40 Day Conference Challenge Starts Today!

Just a reminder that the  40 day conference challenge starts today!

For those of you that missed my earlier post, this is a challenge to read all of the Oct 2015 Conference Talks from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.40 day conference Feb 2016The challenge is to read one talk a day for 40 days and you will have read all  of the conference talks right before the April 2016 Conference.  If you need a down load for the bookmark reading schedule just click on the links below:

40 day conf. Feb 2016 front

40 day conf. Feb 2016 back

If you are reading these conference talks on your computer or mobile devises, you will need to download the November 2015 Ensign, or Liahona magazine to have the proper page numbers.

I started the challenge with a fun talk from Pres. Utchtdorf, “A Summer With Aunt Rose”, so who is ready to take on this challenge?  

This is great to do with your Visiting Teaching sisters, your spouse, a friend or two or three…, your family or anyone else that is up to the challenge!

I also did a 40 Day conference Challenge treat!  sweet is the wordThis is a fun little treat to reward anyone that is participating!  I think that if you read one conference talk that you are better off than not reading any of them…so go ahead reward yourself…or someone else!

Are You Up to the Challenge???

7 thoughts on “40 Day Conference Challenge Starts Today!

  1. I think this is great idea! Thank you! Our Relief Society president has issued a challenge to us to read the Book of Mormon for five minutes a day and lists a conference talk that corresponds to the scripture. She uses the BYU Scripture Citation Index and makes up a calendar listing five minutes of BoM plus a selected Conference talk. It’s great and I have learned to much. I will also take this challenge!
    Thanks again,
    Judy Bohne

    1. Judy, It sounds like you already have a great reading challenge in place, but good luck with the 40 day challenge also! :) Thanks for taking the time to write. Hope you have a great day.

  2. I have loved your Conference Challenge and realize the next one should be starting this month and very soon. I gave these out to my ladies and they ALL said how much they loved it and it was an answer to their prayers. Will you have August 2016 ready soon? I’m not very creative in creating my own.

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