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40 Day Conference Reading Challenge-Oct. 2014

We are doing a 40 Conference Reading Challenge in our Relief Society for church.  I volunteered  to make the bookmarks for this reading challenge and wanted to share it with you… for those of you that would like to do this also!  You read one conference talk per day for 40 days in a row!

conference reading challenge This time is really a challenge because it starts next Sunday and it will end on Christmas day!  But what better gift could you give yourself than the gift of following the prophet and honoring the Savior at this wonderful time of the year when our hearts are filled with gratitude and remembering the life of Christ!

Here are the downloads for the bookmarks.  There are 3 to a page and I printed them double sided and then cut them into 3 bookmarks. (I am sorry that these are not perfectly spaced…just trim about 1/4″ around the black line on the reading schedule side!)

Oct. 2014 40 day Conference Challenge

Oct 2014 Conference 40 day Challenge Front

These would be great to give to the sisters you visit…as a challenge, or to do together as a family or to challenge a friend, spouse, or neighbor to read with you!  

It is a great experience to read all of the talks in the suggested random order for 40 consecutive days and remember the counsel that we were given in conference.  I recommend that you purchase your own Conference magazine and a marker, so that you can mark it up and write your own notes and feelings in the margins.  You have a week to get everything together and we can all start together next Sunday!

Are You Up to the Challenge?

There will be another challenge in February that will end right before the April conference.  You could choose do that one…or you could choose to take on both challenges!! :)

14 thoughts on “40 Day Conference Reading Challenge-Oct. 2014

  1. Don’t worry about spacing! I would rather trim off 1/4″ than know that you sat at your computer for an hour trying to figure it out. Thanks for these!

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for this brilliant idea! We are doing this challenge with our whole ward. We started yesterday as our new Phoenix, Arizona Temple was dedicated on the 16th. YAY!!!! So thanks again for the idea!!

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