Sisal Balls &Americana Jar

Americana Jar and Sisal Balls

Today I have a couple of fun projects just in time for your 4th of July decorating!  I am going to show you how to make sisal balls in any color or size and a matching Americana jar to complete a little vignette!

Sisal Balls &Americana JarI know that you have seen these rope (Sisal) balls everywhere and you might even already have a few in your own home decor.   Today, I am going to show you how to make your own…and the beauty in that is that you can customize the color and the size!  You only need a few things to make these cute little beauties:  Sisal cord, a balloon, tape and Mod Podge.

How to make Sisal Balls1. Blow up a 5-7 inch round balloon to the size that you want. Tape down the end to make the balloon completely round.

2. Tape your sisal to the balloon.

3.  Start wrapping it around the balloon in all directions.  You can make it as filled in or as open as you would like.

4. Brush or dab Mod Podge all over the ball being sure to cover it all over with a good thick coat!

5.  Let it dry overnight or until the glue is completely dry.  Pop the balloon and carefully pull it out of one of the little holes.  (This is where it it better to leave a few open spaces when wrapping the balloon!)

Sisal BallsThen just set them out for some fun home decor.  (This red one is showing a little bit more of the Mod Podge in this light, so if you are doing a solid color, you could go a little lighter on the glue.  It doesn’t show up as much in real life as it does in this close-up)

corded ballI love this white ball.  It is just using a corded string!  So think of all the possibilities that you could use to make these little cuties!

Americana VignetteThen add this fun little Americana Jar:

Americana JarTo finish off my little vignette, I just layered red beans, rice, and black beans to make this fun little Americana Flag Jar.  You can use any jar to make one of these, I think that a mason jar would be cute too!  Just start by layering red beans in the bottom, shake or pat the beans down.  Then add a layer of rice for the white stripe.  (You could also use white beans and that would be cute, but I liked the different texture of the rice) Continue layering until you are about 2/3 of the way to the top, then add the black beans for the top.  Tie it off with some cute ribbon, jute or wire and you have a darling Americana display.

Americana VignetteSo there you have a fun little display for the holidays or really you can leave this out all summer!  This little vignette sits on the island in my kitchen, and every time I go by it puts a little smile on my face and makes me proud to be an American!

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If any of you need a fun game for your 4th of July Party check out this darling version of Bingo!  It is a free printable with 10 different cards and the calling cards!

4th of July Bingo

 You will also find some fun games and party ideas here, from some of our past parties!

Happy 4th of July to all of you!

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