Americana Pillow from a Tote Bag!

When my friend and I went shopping a week or so ago we found these cute Americana tote bags that have the Declaration of Independence on it…as soon as I saw it, I knew that it would make a darling pillow.

DSC_0025If you see a cute tote bag somewhere, you might want to consider making it into a pillow…they are so easy to do and you could really do this as a no-sew project if you wanted to!

Americana Tote Bag

To make it into a pillow…find a fun tote bag,

handles cut off tote bag

Cut the handles off.  I just cut close to the stitching on the top and the bottom and the handle came right out and I could pick the frays out.

Stuff with polyfill or use your own pillow form.

Sew across the top of the pillow or if you want a no-sew you version, you could iron the top closed with stitch witchery or use a good fabric glue!  I sewed across the bottom of the hem and the top of the hem to accent the fun saying across the top!

I tied a burlap ribbon around the middle of the pillow, but  it would be cute just plain too.

Americana PillowMy pillow found a home on this chair in my living room and it accents a fun flag quilt that my friend made for me several years ago!

Since it is flag day today, I  thought that it would be fun to showcase this pillow!  Do you have any fun flag accents in your home decor?  I love to decorate with the good old red, white and blue!

Have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating with your DAD if you can!


18 thoughts on “Americana Pillow from a Tote Bag!

  1. Adorable!!!! I want some. Called many local shops in my area, having no luck trying to locate that adorable tote.

    I made patriotic pillows cases for family and friends and when I saw your tote I wanted to make pillow/ totes for some of them. Oh well, I keep looking. Cute idea, thanks.

  2. This is so very pretty! What a great use of such a pretty tote bag! You did a great job! We would love it if you linked up with our party this week!

  3. After much searching/many phone calls, a local shop ordered them for me. Which would have been great except the fabric was “Americana” style, beige background and different shades of red and blue. I liked your fabric much better, white background and bright red and blue. Oh well. When I get my pillow, wanna swap? LOL

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