Halloween Owls

Today I have the pattern and tutorial on how to make these darling owls!  My friend Kathy, came up with this idea for our craft retreat and they all turned out soo cute!  Thanks Kathy!  She has given me permission to share with you today so let’s get started!


Do you know what a group of owls are called?  I had no idea, so I “Googled” it.

They are called a parliament of  of owls!  I have never heard of that before, so now you know too and you can tell everyone that you learned something new today on Pink Polka Dot Creations!  (I’m not just a pretty face, you know!)


Here is my parliament of owls!  Aren’t they so cute!

So lets get to the tutorial,  please read all of the directions before you start.  I did not take pictures as we were making these, so I am going to do my best to describe each step.  When you are cutting the bottom part of the pattern be sure to add the extra inches to the bottom for the tail.  If you would like to just make a stuffed owl that is not on a stand then you can cut the pattern as shown.

This is the pattern for the fabric:

owl pattern

You will want to print several of these patterns so that you can cut each of the pieces out.  When you cut the body out you will need 2 pieces.  The front and the back.  We had an orange print for the front and a solid black for the back.  You can use the same black for the chest on the front of the owl.  You will need to cut out two different fabrics for the eyes.  We used a chenille fabric and a black cotton print.  You will also need a small yellow fabric for the beak.  

Cut out each of the pieces and zig zag the chest onto the front piece first, then zig zag the black eyes using pattern for the placement.  Next you will zig zag the chenille piece for the eyes.  The last piece that you zig zag is the beak.  With right sides together stitch the front and the back pieces together,  leaving the bottom (tail) open   Clip the curves and turn right side out.  Stuff the owl with stuffing through the opening, you will want it to be fairly tight, so that it will hold up on the stand.

You will need a stand similar to this:


The base of this stand is 6.5 x 6.5 inches square.  The spindle is 9 inches tall and on the top of the spindle is another block of wood that is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  That is the base that the owl sits on.  (It is up inside the owl and you cannot see it)

You will put your stand up inside the owl and then tie the “tail” as tight as you can just below the top block.  We used a twine to tie the owl on.  It will be covered with all of the ribbons, so it will not show.

DSC_0121 Next you will want to add buttons, ribbons, a star, etc for the eyes like this:

DSC_0118The last thing that you need to do to complete this darling little creature is to add as many ribbons as you can find!  Because as you know, ribbon makes everything better!  :)


There you have it!  Stand back and admire your work, and who knows, you may just want to make a parliament of owls too!


Thanks for visiting today, I love having you! 

Have a great day everyone!   Love Ya!

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Owls

    1. You are welcome and I have to agree that these owls are cute. I will pass the thanks on to my friend Kathy, who gave me the pattern!

  1. So cute! I made one yesterday, came out adorable (if I must say so myself)! Plan to “teach” my daughter to make one this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

      1. My daughter did really well. It was a quick enough project to keep her attention (she’s 10). She actually made 2, a large one for my entry table (to sit with the one I made) and a small one with no stand that she could keep. We have our own “parliament” now! I’d love to send pics if you’d like to see them.

  2. These are absolutely darling! Unless it’s goofy candy-related things for my grandkids, I’m into classy things like this for Halloween to decorate my own house. I love the festive cluster of ribbons at the foot!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I am with you on the goofy candy-related things for the grandkids. I think as grandma’s it is our duty to go a little overboard, right?

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