Spring Welcome Sign

I was driving down the road yesterday and this is what I saw! 

The skies were so blue, the clouds and the tops of the mountains so white, and it just looked like spring with the sun shining so bright!  


I love that I live so close to the mountains and that I get to experience all 4 seasons! 

They are all so beautiful! 


Well, after being outside a bit, I decided that I needed to start getting ready for Spring, so I thought that a welcome sign would be just the thing to get me started.  This sign is on my post that sits at the front door.


This is a super simple project that you could make also!  The tutorial to make your own,  is found here, on the coco-cola board post.


I just drilled the holes in the corner of the board, tied a fun ribbon on it hung it here on my post…

to welcome any guest who might come to our home!


I also love the little jewel for the center of the flower!

Are you ready for spring? 

I am sooo ready! 

The other day when my dad came to prune my raspberry bushes, it was a bit cloudy and by the time we got started it was SNOWING!  But, I guess that is what spring is…cold one day and warm the next!  I will just savor the warm days for now! :)

Thanks for visiting today!  Love Ya!

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3 thoughts on “Spring Welcome Sign

  1. I love love love this bright cheery Spring sign. Would you mind sharing what font you used on this sign? I am a follower and I really enjoy all your inspirations! Thank you for you sharing with the rest of us. :) I have made many of your projects and I’m excited to make this Spring sign for my front door post. Thanks a million kajillion.

    1. Patti, the font for that sign is two different fonts. The “S” is called Baroque Script, but unfortunately I cannot remember what the other letters are. You could start with the “S” and then just find a font that you like. I am sorry, I should have kept better track of that. Good luck with this project, it is really a fun one!

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