Too Fa-BOO-lous Pillow (Plus a giveaway!)

I love to decorate for Halloween, but I usually will not put any decorations out until October, I cheated a little bit this year because I had one of my granddaughters here and I let her help me do some of the decorating last week.  But I decorated my front porch today and I am excited to share it with you later this week.  In the fall, I always seem to do a lot more crafts and sewing and this year has been no different.  

I got the idea for these pillows from my friend’s blog.  It is called Everyday Insanity.  Cindy made some of these pillows and said that she was going to make one for each of her daughters, so I emailed her and asked where she got the pattern and then I went and bought the pattern and fabric and I TOTALLY copied her, and made one for each of my girls! What a copycat I am, but they were just “Too fa-BOO-lous” to pass up! :)Aren’t these just so cute?  I really had fun making them and I got a little bit carried away and I made one more than what I needed!

So because it is Tuesday and because it is October and because I love you, I am going to give one of these darling pillows away to one lucky reader!!!

You know that you want one!All you have to do is leave me a comment about what is your favorite thing about Halloween.  Is it the decorating, the costumes, the food, or do you just simply hate Halloween?  Let me know and leave a comment so that you can have a chance to be the proud owner of this Too Fa-BOO-lous pillow!

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You must comment by Tues. Oct 9, 2012, at midnight MST to be eligible for this giveaway.

Have a Fa-BOO-lous Tuesday!  Love Ya!

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105 thoughts on “Too Fa-BOO-lous Pillow (Plus a giveaway!)

  1. My favorite thing is getting dressed up with my kids and going trick or treating. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  2. I love October, because it is my birthday month and Halloween. Now that I am a grandma, I love celebrating with the grand kids. We pick a Saturday to go to the pumpkin patch (Red Barn in Santaquin, Utah). They each get their pumpkin, then we come home to Grandma and Grandpas for a Halloween dinner and pumpkin carving! So fun!

  3. My favorite thing to do as a family. Is to go around town and look at all the decorations that other families do. Some go all out for their decor. We have this one family that has 7 to 8 blow up items in their yard. From a skeleton playing the piano to a giant frankenstein to a headless horsemen driving a carriage to a giant spider coming down off the roof. Pumpkins galore!!! It’s so pretty and lit up!! People all over the county comes to see her house every year to see if she has anything new.

  4. I love fall for the chill in the air and bring out sweaters to wear, fall colors, hot apple cider, decorating and homemade dounuts!

  5. I love everything about Halloween! I guess it is because of all the lovely colors! Those deep reds, oranges and yellows of nature are so beautiful in the fall, then coupled with the scary (but cute) little monsters, ghosts, goblins and witches – Who could not love Halloween?

  6. You are the Best! I love your stuff!!!!! I am really looking forward to Halloween because after 42 years I finally have a child of my own that I get to decorate for and to dress up and really enjoy the holidays like they are meant to be enjoyed. I would love to have this pillow! Thanks for the awesome ideas and sharing your creativity!

  7. I love the decorating. We pulled out the Halloween decorations last night and the kids had a great time decorating the house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I’m not really a fan of Halloween myself but I love to get costumes for my kids and dress them up. I don’t have many Halloween decorations so this pillow would make a great contribution.

  9. Not much about October I don’t enjoy, including my birthday, but my favorite has to be either sewing or purchasing costumes for my gkids. It is something we all look forward to this time of year. Not being in Utah anymore I truly miss the colorful canyons, so home decorating is a must now.

  10. I love the decorations of Halloween and how much my kids love everything about it. I also love the season changing.

  11. My fovorite part of Halloween used to be decorating. Now I have a 6 and 3 year old, so my favorite part of Halloween has become picking patterns and material for their costumes, making the costume and the best, best, best part is the HUGH smile on their face the first time they put on their costume….if I am lucky they wear it throught the year!

    Your pillow is bootiful and with all the time I spend making Halloween costumes it leaves little time to sew decorations so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be the winner and have a little something to help decorate my house!

    Thanks for your blog I love all your posts and creative ideas!

  12. My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing my two little granddaughters get all dressed up, seeing the excitement on their faces and watching them go trick or treating! It’s as much fun for me as it is for them!

  13. Having a boo bash for all the kids in the neighborhood and donating cans of food collected to the Second Harvest Food Bank. All the fun colors and crafts that Halloween brings together.

  14. I love your pillow and it would look boo-ti-ful sitting on my front porch bench. I love October since my birthdate is the 25th. My favorite part of Halloween is the smells. I can already smell the bon-fires; the smell of hay on the hayrides; crisp night air that makes your cheeks red; the smell of weenies cooking on the open pit fire and the smell of sweetness from marshmallows being burnt to a black crisp ready for s’mores.

  15. I love October because it is the month my darling 2yo was born and I love Halloween because of the sheer joy of watching my two young daughters dream about and pick their costumes, decorate the house with an imagination that inspires their parents, and walk around the neighborhood admiring the creativity of those around us. My girls asked to be witches this year ( last year, we were the pirate family); alas my 4yo has declared they are bad witches, not the good kind. So beware! ;)

  16. I’m in college now but I love being able to take my baby sister out tricking or treating. She loves going to literally every house in the neighborhood and then comparing her candy stash with her friends. It’s great bonding time and it makes me think of all the wonderful memories I had as a child.

  17. I love the weather- cool in the a.m. and p.m. and warm during the day. I love the smell and taste of pumpkin! I love decorating and seeing my kids anticipation of dressing up and trick-or-treating! Thanks for all your great ideas. (I made your blackberry cobbler using gluten-free flour because my baby is allergic to wheat, and so I can’t eat wheat because is passes on to him, and it was WONDERFUL!!!! It was one of the first desserts I was able to eat after going gluten-free and it was like Heaven. Thanks so much!!!)

  18. I love to watch my little boys try to choose what to be. I also enjoy all the yummy treats that my family make….carmel apples, popcorn, sugar cookies, ect…

  19. I love the colors of Halloween. The vivid purple, orange, lime green and black. I love to paint Halloween decorations just for that. I also love anything to do with witches (especially after seeing the musical Wicked). I decorate my house big time. My kids are all older, but it’s just a part of fall for all of us. I love the pillow that you made. Very “witchy” and cute. I’d love to win it. Thanks.

  20. I love the fun colors — I mean, who doesn’t love purple and lime green together!? And I love a little more than I should the fun and tasty Halloween treats!

  21. I love to see my kids anticipation of of Halloween. The hunt for the perfect costume, the decorating, and the passing out of the candies. My kids are 17 and 12 and although they do not go out trick or treating they still enjoy it to the fullest.

  22. I LOVE Halloween. I love decorating, cooking/baking everything. We always host a family cousin halloween party, cand the kids really look forward to that. Thanks for all you great ideas, and cute visiting teaching ideas!!

  23. I love helping my kids pick what they want to dress up like for Halloween. They are always so excited and it makes me excited too!

  24. I am delighted to find your blog and wonderful ideas for VT handouts. I have been looking for some new inspiration! You are my FIND! Thank you! Love the little pillow, too. Been too busy helping my 94 year old Mother this month to even think of making something new for Halloween yet! This would be fun to have especially since 5 of my grandchildren are living with us at the moment! How can one be having too much fun to spend time crafting? It can be done! Hugs!

  25. We have a big extended family Halloween party every other year. It is so fun to see what everyone comes up with for costumes. I just love it!

  26. My favorite thing for Halloween is making costumes for my children. Most of them are too old to trick or treat now, but when they were younger, I loved choosing a theme and making costumes that matched. They were good sports and went along with any crazy idea mom had. I also like the candy and trying to get as much as possible. We hit up the ward trunk or treat and then we don’t stop trick or treating until the lights are all out. I think I have more fun than the kids.

  27. Honestly, I love everything about Halloween. The amazingly creative costumes and decorations. Yummy treats, fun games, pumpkin carving… What’s not to love?

  28. Rita, Honestly? My favorite part of Halloween is getting to peek at all the fun stuff YOU do. You always brighten my day just by popping in to have a “visit” with you! Thanks for letting me take a peek, now I’m motivated to haul my own decorations out of storage. :) Happy Halloween :). Ann

  29. My absolute ‘favoritest’ time about Halloween is sharing it with ‘my’ children in my home child care =) Everything is so new and exciting, they don’t take any of it forgranted! Seeing it all through their eyes is pure delight! Thanks sooo much for your amazing site, I am very thankful to have discovered it today!

  30. I love October because of the smell you get when fall comes around. The air is full of the smells of change, pumpkins, and baking. You can feel in the wind when the weather is changing. I also love Halloween by the decorations, and the cute costumes you see that the kids have picked out to go trick-or-treating!

  31. Planning Halloween parties is my favorite thing to do at this time of year! I like checking out the spookyHalloween decorations, fun party favors, and creative recipe ideas to serve guests. Now that I had a child born right before Halloween, we get to throw Halloween themed birthday parties too! Thanks to website like yours…i get all kinds of cute and creative ideas. Thank You! (And the pillow is absolutely adorable!)

  32. The best thing about Halloween is the excitement of the kids. The talk of what they want to be. (which changes a few times!) Seeing the excitement in their eyes to go and get their very own pumpkin! There wouldn’t be quite the feeling and excitement of the holiday without them.

  33. I love Halloween. The weather cools down. I love cozy clothes, food & fun decorations. To me, Halloween is all fun & no stress,

  34. I love the cool weather. The smell of the “cool” in the air and the crunching of leaves as I walk. Fall is my favorite season!

  35. My favorite thing about Halloween, is lots of things that add up to make it a great holiday. I love the decorating, pumpkins, baking, sites, smells, sounds and of course the little “monsters” that come to visit on Halloween. I love the Spook Houses, Corn Mazes and just the fun that comes with this Holiday!

  36. I love this time of the year! I love Halloween! I love surprising my grandchildren with little gifts and activities…I start the first of the month and send them something in the mail two or three times a week. They’ve come to expect “Something from Grandma came today”!
    Your blog is the best! I get so many ideas, I can hardly keep up! I wake up in the night with thoughts of great crafts and activities I want to share with my grandchildren, and those of our Primary. Thanks for sharing your creative talents, you are a blessing!
    This little pillow is soooo fun!! I would love to share it with family and friends here. Enjoy the whole season! Thanks again, MaryLynn

  37. I love the Halloween decoration….everywhere. I think it’s such a fun holiday. (and I also love carving pumpkins with family)

  38. My favorite thing about Halloween is it’s the night we have our first bowl of chili with all the family over and then trick or treating with all the grandchildren !!! Love the cute pillow.

  39. I LOVE everything about the month of October!! I love the decoration, the yummy food, the cooler weather, all the festivities of the holidays, fall sports!! It’s a great time of year!! And I love that pillow!! :)

  40. Since all our grand kids (7) live at least 5 hours away, my favorite thing about October, is putting together Halloween boxes full of games and fun to mail to them. Not to mention getting pictures of them in their Halloween costumes! Decorating comes in a close Third! :0)

  41. I LOVE the colors. Not just the fall colors – but the purples and neon greens that have come onto the scene lately. But then – caramel apples are right there at the top of the list too!

  42. I absolute love this pillow!! If I don’t win, I would really like the link where I could order the pattern. Thanks for this opportunity.

  43. My favorite part of Halloween is that my first daughter was born on Oct.31st. She was a month early
    So not only did I receive a wonderful treat but I received a trick too

  44. love the fall weather, the pumpkin flavor added to breads and cookies and love dressing up :-) oh and I love all the candy! Thanks for the chance to win the cutest pillow I’ve ever seen! Cherie

  45. We have always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. This year our three-year old twin grandchildren are living with us. It is so fun to see the world through their eyes. One will be Tinkerbelle, one will be Peter Pan, Papa will be Captain Hook and I will be Mr. Smee.

  46. The trick or treaters are my favorite!! I teach second grade and my students think it is the coolest thing to trick or treat at their teacher’s house!! I also love traditions! Even though my children are 13 and 17, we still have cake, ice cream and chili and watch “scary” movies……Hocus Pocus and Tower of Terror!!!!! The pillow is bewitching, afterall if the shoe fits!!! Happy Haunting!!!!!

  47. I love the decorations. I might put them up at the beginning of September, rather than waiting for October. Is that wrong? :)

  48. I love the food! I love the chocolate, the pumpkin candy corn things, Reese’s Pumpkins, everything! I especially love all the pumpkin flavored treats that come out!

    Great job on Good Things Utah! I am a new follower!

  49. When my nieces and nephews were young their mother made the best Halloween costumes, so to make sure they would stop at my house, I would make a big bowl of chowder so they could stop and eat. I know how busy Halloween night can be, so I thought this was a good idea. This has become a tradition and now my own grandchildren are part of it, plus other nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. I take a group picture and keeps getting bigger and better every year.

  50. I just love Halloween decorations. I love the glow of the eerie lights! Just watched you on Good Things Utah. So glad today was a holiday and I was not at work. Now off ton the store for supplies. Have to create this one. Thanks!

  51. I love Halloween because it means I can start decorating. I love decorating for the holidays! Oh and all the candy is great too!
    By the way… the pillow is darling! :)

  52. I love Halloween as well especially when my children were younger. I don’t have time to sew and make costumes so I would recruit my mother to make my children darling Halloween costumes. They always looked so cool and they especially loved them because it came from their grandmother. Something they will treasure for always.

  53. I absolutely love Decorating the Most!! I love to build my witch in the window every year, with her skeleton prisoner in his cage right beside her!! Absolutely LOVE Halloween!!

  54. Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I do decorate but not with the “scary” decorations. I think the pillow is adorable. Great to get hooked up with your web site thanks to Good Things Utah. I definately will be checking your site for more decorating ideas. Thank you

  55. I LOVE October! It must be because I was married to my best friend 37 years ago this month … and the changing of the seasons is just breath taking in Utah! The pillow is Specacular! Will you share where the pattern can be purchased? I really enjoy your website! Thanks for sharing your Talents with us!

  56. Saw you on GTU and loved the candy jar! Even my husband thought we should make it! We haven’t seen the Halloween peeps at our local Maceys. I hope you can get them at Wal-Mart!
    Love, love, love the pillow!! I think also it would make a “Boo-ti-ful” homemade card.
    Please enter me in the pillow give-a-way!
    Just a short note on the VT’ing handouts…thank you so much!!! I love to use them!!!

  57. I love Halloween! It is one of my all time favorite holidays.. i am a substitute Teacher and I love getting dressed up and going to school with all the kids.. I love the decorations everyone puts out, and the smells of the season, pumpkin, spice, apples … The soups, stews and comfort foods all make us feel warm and cozy…. Love it!!!

  58. I love seeing my kids dressed up for Halloween. I love when trick or treaters come to my house all dressed up in their cute Halloween outfits. It’s such a fun time of year.

  59. I love to decorate for Halloween! Every year I keep adding to my decorations. I do it for my Grand kids. I don’t like the idea of finding costumes, especially when my kids were young. But I sure do like to decorate. I decorate my dinning room to the hilt and the front of the house. Hope you have a spooky, fun Halloween!! I think your pillow is so fun. I should make them for my daughter and daughter-in-laws. I would love to ad it to my decorations. Thanks for being so generous!!

  60. Rita, How lucky was I to be off today and have sometime to watch GoodThings Utah on my computer here in McAlester Oklahoma!! Love your candy centerpiece you made today! Think I will be doing that one this week end. I love the Fall. This is the time of year I R-E-A-L-L-Y miss Utah and the changing colors on the mountains. I do try to bring the falls colors into my home from Sept. though Thanksgiving. This pillow that you’ve made is so stinkin’ cute! Would love to have one! But I do have your blog spot now- so maybe I can get some fun ideas thoughout the year. Thanks for your “CrEaTiVe ShArInG”. A fan in Oklahoma…Benji

  61. The gorgeous fall colors, decorating and all the cute costumes are my favorite things. And of course, the candy. I love seeing my grandkids eyes light up as they see Halloween season. Happy Halloween!

  62. With 9 kids ranging in age from 18 to 8 months old, we have fun all together going to the pumpkin patch that has activities. The older kids are good to help the younger ones. After the pumpkin patch we get pizza and have root beer floats. Halloween time with our large family is always exciting, crazy and fun!

  63. (These pillowsare so cute!) My favorite thing about Halloween is baking (and making) spooky and creepy treats for my family, neighbors and co-workers! Last year the finger cookies were everybody’s favorite!!! xD

  64. Today I saw your cute display on channel 2 news and came to your website to enter for the darling pillow, The decorations are what I like about Halloween. As a matter of fact I had Meg paint my toenails this morning and I have witches shoes on my toes just like your cute pillow.

  65. I love everything about Halloween. From dressing up the kids in fun costumes. Seeing all the kids smiling and getting to enjoy a fun holiday. I love handout out candy. I love all the decorations. Halloween growing up as a time to hang-out with friends and family. Since I’m the youngest I always got to help my mom decorate the house. You are an amazing lady to create this blog. I use your wonderful handouts for when I visit teach. Thank you so much for taking the time to do all that you do. You are amazing and a very inspiring person. THANK YOU!

  66. I LOVE everything about FALL…the crisp air, the autumn colors and the smells, but I especially LOVE Halloween…In fact, I would love to decorate my bedroom with a Halloween theme. I could seriously leave up Halloween decorations all year long!

  67. My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing the excitement in the faces of the children when I open the door and they say trick-or-treat and checking out all of their cute and clever costumes.

  68. I love to see my grandchildren dressed up for Halloween, i love Halloween decorations and I totally love the candy!

  69. I love the fall and all it has to offer! The leaves, the beautiful colors, the crisp air, the smells (both of the trees, and the holiday smells such as pumpkin spice), dressing in cozy clothing, and of course Halloween! My favorite thing about Halloween is the cute decor! I think I like to decorate for Halloween more than I do for Christmas!

  70. Love it all!…the Halloween movies, the decorating, the creative costumes (dang there are some creative moms!)…the weather changing and the color of the leaves….but the best is the family tradition of going to grandma Taylor’s and meeting up with cousins, having fun food grandma always prepares, the kids all excited to see each others costumes, showing grandma and grandpa the treats they have already scored, taking the annual Halloween pictures then heading out as cousins to trick or treat together!…cousin time and grandparents, doesn’t get any better than that!

  71. It was fun to see you and your cute candy jars on Good Things, Rita.
    My favorite thing about Halloween is watching our 20 grandkids and their parents arrive at our family Halloween Party and seeing what they dressed up as each year.
    Love your witch pillow. The grandkids would get a” kick “out of it!

  72. What I love about Halloween the most is that it lets the ‘child’ in all of us come out without any concerns of our mental well-being! The decorating, the parties, the treats, the costumes, it’s one time of the year when we can let our hair down and have a lot of fun!

  73. I love dressing up for halloween. I love the decorations. I dread what’s coming next though, the cold weather!

  74. I love so much about Halloween, but I think my favorite part is the cute kids in their costumes that come to the door!!!

  75. I love the decorations! For some reason I LOVE orange and purple together at this time of year. I even plant orange mums and purple asters in my yard! This pillow is adorable and would be so cute in my home.

  76. You have the most amazing ideas and creations! Love following you and watching what you will come up with next!!! Happy Halloween.

    1. Janell, thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreciate your taking the time to write and your support. Have a great day!

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