Uncle Sam with Coke Hat

Uncle Sam Class

My friend, Kathy, and I went to fun Uncle Sam Class…and looky what we made!Uncle Sam ClassThe class was taught by Dana Engemann.

It was so fun to make.  Dana had all of the kits sewn and ready to go, so that all we had to do was to put them together with our glue guns and some mod podge and paint!

uncle Sam classDana is the middle one, in the middle picture!  She is very talented and is the designer of these darling Uncle Sam’s!Uncle Sam ClassEvery one of them turned out a little bit different!  Each of them have their own personality, even though we all had the same basic kit!Uncle Sam with Coke HatHere is a close-up of all the details on my Uncle Sam.  I love the Coke can hat with the bird on the brim.  He has a necklace with wooden stars hanging from it and all kinds of tickets, greenery, key, tag and flowers!Uncle Sam ClassThanks for going with me Kathy.  I had a great time with great company!  We are definitely two peas in a pod!  We get asked if we are sisters everywhere we go and tonight was no exception!Uncle Sam ClassSo this is what we made in the Uncle Sam Class! 

 I love patriotic things and this is one of my favorites. We can keep him out from Memorial Day through Labor Day. 

With the weather finally getting warmer, I ready to celebrate all things summer!  

So bring it on!  

What things to you love to celebrate in the summer?

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6 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Class

    1. Dot, I am not sure about this, but in the future, if you follow her on Instagram or on her blog, there may be kits available to buy. You would just have to ask her, but I know she made up kits.

  1. I love your inspiring posts. Thank you. I too made an Uncle Sam…I just love him and Dana…I live in Midway but lived in Farmington for 6 years..Keep in the good work…

    1. Kaylma, Wasn’t that class the best?! Dana is a wonderful teacher and my friend and I had a great time. Maybe we will see you in a future class. If so, come and tell me who you are, so I will know who you are! It is so fun to make new friends!

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