vintage valentine bags

Vintage Valentine Bags

I have a fun, last minute idea for those of you that are still looking for a Valentine idea…it is these darling Vintage Valentine Bags!  You can put a big Valentine cookie in it, some candies, popcorn, nuts or a fun little trinket!  They are the perfect size and they are super easy to make for those of you who are last minute like me!vintage valentine bagsI am going to make my Ultimate Sugar Cookies and put one in each bag.  These cookies are the yummy soft, melt in your mouth kind with cream cheese frosting!  I can only make them a few times each year because I want to eat them all!  :)vintage valentine bagsTo make these fun bags I simply bought a package of party favor bags from my local party store along with a package of doily hearts.  You can find all kinds of darling vintage valentines from The Graphics Fairy.

Here are just a couple of the ones that I used:Retro-Valentine-Boy-GraphicsFairy-1024x740

Courtesy of the Graphic FairyRetro-Valentine-Telephone-Girl-GraphicsFairyBut you will want to go to their website to get a better quality image.  I have reduced the size of these, so the quality is not as good as the original ones.  Just click on the link:

The Graphic Fairy

vintage valentine bagsTo make these Vintage Valentine Bags, I simply printed out the valentines that I wanted to use and sized them to fit in the doily heart.  Then cut them out and glued each one to a doily.  I folded over the top of the bag and glued the doily to the top.  After I have filled the bags I will put tape on the bottom of the doily and tape the bags closed.  Easy Peasy!vintage valentine bagsI also found a darling “Love Potion #9” label that I wrapped around some IBC Rootbeer bottles.  I tied a red straw to the bottle with the red ribbon and added the little heart ribbon around the neck of the bottle!  So now I have a fun little treat to give to the grandkids!  (I hope none of them are reading this!)love potion #9 bottle labesThe link to these cute labels are from The Benson Street.  They are a free printable and I think that they are darling!vintage valentine bagsSo now you have two super easy treat ideas for your favorite little Valentines!  

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Weekend!  Thanks for Visiting!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Valentine Bags

  1. I’m a snowbird Rita, and I have been looking for something this cute and quick ! Thank you ! We just returned home—– and wouldn’t you know it . Only one day to make 40 valentines for my grandchildren !

    1. Laurie, I am so glad that you can use one of my ideas! My husband keeps talking about being a snowbird…maybe someday! :) Good luck with your project and Happy Valentines Day!

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