Whimsical Christmas Frame and Free Printables!

Hi everyone.  Today I am doing a guest post over at The Wood Connection.   I am showing how to make this fun whimsical Christmas frame.  Be sure to visit them to see a full tutorial on how to paint and glitter this cute little project along with a  great technique on how to paint and glitter the wooden dots!

If you are visiting from the Wood Connection…Welcome!  I am glad that you are here and hope that you will stay a while and take a look around and that you will want to come back again and again!

Here are the printables for this frame.  I have done both 11 x 14 (which is the size frame that I did) and 8 x 10 sizes.

11 x 14 size

8 x 10 size.

I did a couple of different traditional variations, if you are not into the subway art style.

11 x 14 size

8 x 10 size.

And the same one with a white background.

11 x 14 size.

8 x 10 size.

To print these, right click over the image and go to “save image as” , then save in one of your pictures files.  I sent mine to Costco and I found out (the hard way, after printing several) that at the very end of your order there is a place to click that you do not want auto color adjustments!  Be sure to click that or the reds will be maroon!

Now for a fun giveaway!

The Wood Connection has given me a $25 gift certificate to their store, to give away to one LUCKY winner!

To enter this drawing, all you have to do is leave me a comment  about what is your favorite thing about Christmas.  Is it the decorations, the movies, the food, the presents, the lights, or do you simply feel like the Grinch and hate Christmas?  Leave me a comment and let me know, I love reading about how you feel!

This drawing will end at midnight MST on Monday, Nov 26th, 2012, so be sure to enter today!

(This drawing in for those who live in Utah or are planning to visit sometime soon, because it is a brick and mortar store.  They have no online ordering yet.)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Love Ya!

48 thoughts on “Whimsical Christmas Frame and Free Printables!

  1. My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family. We are always so busy day to day and it is nice to just take time to slow down and enjoy each other.

  2. I love everything about Christmas. I love the decorating and listening to Christmas music. I love spending time with my family and working on projects to give as gifts.

  3. My favorite thing about Christmas is having my family all together and enjoying the many wonderful traditions of Christmas! From gingerbread houses to Christmas movies by the fire to getting jammies on and making the hot chocolate and all piling in the car to go see the Christmas lights, this is my favorite time of the year!!
    I love how wonderful and kind people are this time of year! There is much service that can be done, so let’s rool up our sleeves and get to work!!

  4. This is such a cute project, thanks for sharing. My favorite part about Christmas is spending time with family and the nice things that people do for each other.

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for the printables!!! My baby’s hair always looks like a “who” so this is perfect! My favorite thing about Christmas is the special food that only seems to come out this time of year… Mmmmmm :)

  6. This is the PERFECT gift for my sisters. They both are crazy about the Grinch! What a wonderful idea. Thank you so much!

    As for my favorite thing about Christmas…time with my family.

  7. My favorite thing about Christmas is the gift giving. I love making and buying gifts for my family. I also love the parties and food. yum!

  8. ADORABLE project! I love all the glitter.

    My favorite part of the holidays is the awesome feeling you get when you’ve gotten a present for someone that is absolutely perfect and seeing their eyes light up when they open it.

    Oh yeah, and all of the food. :)

  9. I love watching how excited my kids get when it is Christmas time. My little boy has already started asking me how much more time there is until Santa comes :)

  10. My favorite part of Christmas is seeing the smiles and light in the eyes of my boys each day as we countdown to christmas with a giving activity which ends on Christmas morning opening the gifts Santa leaves for them as their reward for giving of themselves to others during our christas countdown.

  11. I love The decorations, movies, music and for sure all the treats. But my favorite part is watching my boys and how much they love it.

  12. Love all the food and decorations and movies and such, but my favorite thing is the family time and service we are able to provide.

  13. My family sitting around our tree on Christmas eve in the glow of the tree lights, reading the Christmas story, while drinking hot chocolate.

  14. My favorite thing about Christmas is the movies and the joy of giving! Can’t miss “White Christmas”, “Holiday Inn” and “Spencer’s Mountain”….I have everything I want or need so I am asking for donations to the Belmont county Animal Shelter…they need it way more than I do!

  15. I love everything about Christmas, but my most favorite part is reliving our Christmases past with family and friends. Creating my own traditions as my family grows and incorporating a bit of mine and my husbands childhood traditions into our own.

  16. My favorite thing about Christmas is searching for fun stocking stuffers all year long! We draw names and my whole side of the family (4 generations) fill each others stockings. We love doing this and everyone looks forward to it! Santa leaves the stockings at one house and everyone gets together to open them together…youngest to oldest of course! So much fun!!!

    1. Rebecca, What a wonderful tradition! I love that you have 4 generations that do this! It is so fun to hear about other people’s traditions and I love this one! Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  17. To the above reasons I would add one more and that is seeing my five grown children, spouses and children enjoying each others company one day a year after enduring their teenage years wondering if they ever would like each other.

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