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Letter Board Education Quote

Yesterday I taught a lesson in Relief Society at church for

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

I used this fun Letter Board Education Quote!education RS lessonI think that I am going to love my new letter board that I got at  the Swiss Days boutique.

This quote is one that I used to tell all of my Young Women, back in the day when I was teaching them.  And, I believe it with all of my heart!

EVERYTHING we learn will benefit our lives!education RS lessonMy display for the lesson.  Yes I am old school and still have to set up a display!  It is my security blanket to have some of things I love up there with me!!  :)

Dollar store pencils glued to an empty pineapple can made the perfect vase for some pretty mums!  Easy peasy.

School books from a couple of my grandsons rounded out my display.

This was a fun lesson to give because:

1. I love President Hinckley and all the lessons he taught!  They are so down to earth and we can all relate to them.

2. I love learning new things, so this was a great topic!education RS lesson At the end of the lesson, I gave everyone a little quiz.  

See if you can figure this out for yourself.

Fill in the words in the crossword puzzle.

Then take those words and fill in the quote at the bottom.

Did you get this??

RS education lessonNone of us…knows enough!!

We should continue learning throughout our entire lives!! 

What a wonderful blessing that is!!

So that is my Letter Board Education Quote for the Relief Society lesson.  

When I got home from church,  I just put my letter board on the side cupboard in my kitchen.   We were having everyone over for Sunday dinner and I just did not take the time to put everything away.

After everyone had left last night, I looked at my letter board and this is what I saw:education RS lessonHa Ha!!  I wonder which of my teenage grandson’s changed just one letter!!  Actually I think they were pretty smart to figure that one out!

Thanks for visiting…Go learn something new today!!

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