Waco, TX trip 2016

40th Anniversary Trip

My husband and I just got back from a 40th Anniversary Trip!  Our main destination was not to a tropical island, or a romantic European adventure, or some other world-wide spot, but rather it was to Waco, Texas…yes you heard me right…Waco, Texas and Magnolia Farms!

I love the show “Fixer Upper” and this was a dream trip for me!  I loved the family atmosphere and ALL of the people/employees were so friendly and helpful!  I was amazed at how friendly and kind everyone was no matter where we went in Texas!

Waco, TX trip 2016The Silos are amazing and the grounds are beautiful.  They have a big grassy area in the middle of the grounds for kids young and old to play games or relax in the bean bag chairs.  There are food trucks around the edge so you could enjoy lunch or a cool drink.Waco, TX trip 2016-002This inside of the store had so many beautiful displays and were complete eye candy for me!  I love JoAnna’s style and so I could have bought anything in the store and loved it!  My husband was so sweet, he kept saying we came all this way and I want you to get whatever you want!  (I think that I will keep him for at least another 40 years!)Waco, TX trip 2016-001They now have this darling garden shop, that I absolutely loved!  It was so fun to look at all the fun outdoor ideas and garden layouts!  I loved all the little fairy gardens that were in the birdbaths and I got a few things to start one of those!  I will post pictures when I get that done.  I have got to start looking for a cement bird bath first!

They are in a process of opening a bakery very soon at Magnolia Farms and they were handing out cupcakes everyday that were DELICIOUS!  I think I might see another trip in the future to visit this fun bakery!  :)Waco, TX trip 2016-005We also visited some other places in Waco that had the vintage stuff and it was just a dream come true for me!  The  Findery was just across the road from the Silos and they had some darling things there as well as cute displays.  I was able to find a really fun vintage scale  that is a clock.  It fits in perfect with my other scales that I have in my kitchen!   And isn’t this glamper trailer to die for?

Junque in the Trunk is a darling store that refinishes a lot of furniture!  I picked up a couple of antique things there, but would have loved to purchase one of their furniture pieces!  But I would have had to rent a UHaul to get home!  :)  The back of my SUV was so full as it was, that I don’t know if we could have gotten anything more in there!  Another fun place to visit was the Spice Collections, it was a big boutique with all kinds of fun antiques, clothes, jewelry, accessories, lotions and bath things, you could look around in there for a couple of hours and still not see everything!

Waco, TX trip 2016-004Here are a couple of the displays from Junque in the Trunk.  I love the wooden crate wall display and need to show it to one of my kids, because they all have new homes with blank walls, so they could do this idea!Waco, TX trip 2016-006We also went out to Harp Design Co.  It was fun to see where Jo gets all of her custom wood stuff made!  I was able to buy a quilt ladder that I am so excited to set up and display some of my quilts!Waco, TX trip 2016-003Waco is a very interest place that is full of old and new!  Baylor University is close to the silos, they have some beautiful architectural buildings with rivers and stadiums and ball parks, you can tell there is a lot of pride for Baylor from the local people!   On “Fixer Upper they show the “Alico” building a lot of times, so it was fun to see it in person.  There are all kinds of bridges over the river and it was just beautiful!

We ate at several of the local places and everything we had was delicious.  It was fun to just get a touch of some of the local flairs and enjoy something new!Waco, TX trip 2016-007After we left Waco, we drove to Taos, NM.  This is a little resort town that is full of artsy stuff!  It was a fun place to visit.  My husband and I stayed at the Hotel LaFonda which overlooked the main big plaza. ( Isn’t that the name of the girlfriend in Napoleon Dynamite?)  The hotel is very old, but they have redone it and it was a fun place to stay!  We went shopping and just enjoyed strolling around the plaza!  We then headed over to Moab, Utah and went to Arches National Park!Arches canyonI have lived in Utah most of my life and have never been to Arches National Park!  (Shame on me!)  It was beautiful and it is amazing to see some of the rock formations!  I hiked up to  Delicate Arch in the 100 degree weather, but it was worth it!  

All in all we had a wonderful 40th Anniversary Trip!  We drove almost 3000 miles, but we had a great time together and it is so fun to do things when you are with your best friend!  I know this trip was more for me than for my husband but we both enjoyed the time together and the time away from the daily grind!

Thanks honey for a great trip and for a wonderful 40 years…here’s to another 40!

Thanks for Visiting Today…Do you have a dream vacation that might not be everyone else’s dream?

13 thoughts on “40th Anniversary Trip

    1. Thanks, Kathy! We did have a fun trip and I am glad we got to go. But now we need to get together and plan some sewing time!

  1. It is so fun seeing and hearing about your adventures!

    `*.¸.*✻✿ ✻¸♥✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿

    1. Allie, Thank you so much for your kind comment. We did have a fun adventure and I am blessed to have a wonderful husband! Here’s to another 40!

  2. Happy 40th Rita
    Wishing you both many more years of good health, happiness and the joy of family and friends
    So glad you had a great time
    Looks like some very interesting places
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Joyce, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your comment, I love hearing from you. We did have a fun trip and it gave me a lot of inspiration for some new decorating and organizing ideas! I hope that you will get to do that trip yourself real soon!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Our 40th is this year too. Thank you for sharing all the sites you visited. Saw the table with demo day on the front and thought Rita would be a natural there. You could show how to make and do so many of the things you blog about.
    ( I know Fixer Upper demo day is tear it out day)

  4. What a dream trip ! I hope you took a journal with you to record all the ideas and thoughts about all you saw. I love trips like this ! Good for the companionship, good for the imagination, good for the soul !!!!!!!

    1. Laurie, It was a dream trip! I took tons of pictures and wrote short notes in my planner, but I do need to hurry and record more of my feelings and put them in my journal. My blog is also part of my journal and I can look back at it to remember a lot of the dates and places! Thanks for your comment and I hope that you have a great day!

  5. Wow, Rita, Happy 40th!
    I live right here in Waco – would love to have seen you, I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip, and that you liked the people here. I enjoy Fixer Upper too, and like what they’ve done and are doing with the silos. It’s such a small world, isn’t it? We’ll be going to SLC the end of July to see our new grand baby, and have a family reunion.
    I love your emails. Thanks.

    1. Judy, Wow, it is a small world! I loved your town and wonderful people in it! I hope that you enjoy your trip to SLC and I know that you will love seeing that new grand baby! I hope the people in Utah are as nice as the people in Texas! Have a great trip and enjoy your time with your family!

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