Diet coke baby

Diet Coke Poster Child

**No children were harmed or consumed any of this product during this photo shoot!**

This is our darling little Poster Child for Diet Coke!

Diet coke babyMy granddaughter got hold of my Diet Coke bottle and she was not about to give it up…not for anything!

diet coke baby

Mmmm, this looks pretty good, what is it?

diet coke babyAhhh!

diet coke baby

What do mean that this stuff is not good for me???

diet coke babyNo!…Grandma it’s mine!

diet coke babyTrue love!  This is a girl of my own heart!  

My older granddaughter tells me that I am a “Coke”aholic all the time.  She thinks that it is pretty funny and I probably have to admit that she is pretty close to being right.  So now you know of one of my bad habits…but hey, we all need one or two of them don’t we??

Hope that you all have a great weekend!  I think that I will enjoy mine with a good bottle of Diet Coke!  

3 thoughts on “Diet Coke Poster Child

  1. Your grand baby is beautiful! I worry about you drinking all that diet coke though. You would be better off drinking regular coke than diet. If you don’t believe me :) research online the side effects of the fake sweetener used in diet coke. My father too drank it for years and years. The doctors made him quit when he started having all the side effects – losing memory, problems with his heart, dizziness, etc – too many to list. Sorry to rain on your diet coke parade. P.S. This same chemical sweetener in diet coke is also used as a heavy pesticide :( You seem like such a sweet lady – I had to tell you the truth.

    1. Michelle, thank you for your concern. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write and I will consider what you have written. I need to not drink so many diet drinks and go to the regular, and the truth of the matter is, that I drink about half and half of the stuff. I really drink a lot of water everyday, but I really need to only have soda once in awhile for a treat. Thanks for thinking about me! Have a great day.

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