St. George Weekend Feb

St. George Get-Away

Before I tell you about my St. George Get-Away I need to explain my spelling problem from the Visiting teaching post.  I was sick last week when I was trying to get it posted and I worked on it in the middle of the night, apparently I was not thinking straight because I misspelled two words!!!  Ha Ha!   I corrected it…but not until we got back from our fun weekend!St. George Weekend FebMy husband and I took a couple of our grandkids for a fun little St. George Get-Away!  St. George is in southern Utah and it is nice and warm right now and the weather was perfect!  We packed as much as we could into a couple of days and it was a whirlwind of fun.  The grandkids knew they would be staying with us for several weeks and they wanted to go to the cabin, but it still has snow and we wanted to go somewhere warm, so my husband and I planned a secret trip and it drove the kids crazy because we would not tell where we were going…but they liked our plan once we got there!St. George Weekend Feb-003We started off going to the children’s museum.  They spent hours in there and would have gone back if we would have had more time.  It is a great discovery/hands on museum!  They loved the airplane, the desert and the mechanics shop to name a few.  St. George Weekend Feb-004 We walked across the street to the Thomas Judd Store.  It is just a fun old fashioned candy store with treats and a deli.  I loved all the old antiques and it was such fun eye-candy for me!

St. George Weekend Feb-007They loved the pool and spent every day out there.  They are a couple of little fish!St. George Weekend Feb-005We went to the dinosaur museum…the favorite part was digging in the sand to find footprints and bones!  After the dinosaur museum we went to the Brigham Young Winter Home and took a tour of that house.  Again, I loved all the antiques and the details of the old home.  They also have a beautiful yard and some of the trees were in bloom, so of course we had to stop and smell the flowers!St. George Weekend Feb-001We then went hiking in the red rocks!  There were all kinds of holes and caves for them to climb into, they were in 7th heaven.St. George Weekend Feb-002 The kids loved this and it was beautiful up on the top!  You can see a panoramic view from the top, all the way around St. George.St. George Weekend Feb-006The last stop of the day was the Fiesta Fun Center.  We went mini golfing and played games at the arcade.  The kids had a great time…but I beat them at air hockey!  :)

We had a wonderful time, we enjoyed the warm sunshine, ate ice cream, played on the rocks, swam in the pool, and of course we made one stop at the quilt shop!!!

So that is our St. George Getaway.  Hope you had a great weekend too!

Thanks for Visiting!  Have a Happy Monday.

9 thoughts on “St. George Get-Away

  1. You were in my town, yay!! We are still having gorgeous weather here and I love the pictures, mine never seem to turn out so great! Glad you enjoyed your trip! :)

    1. Sharla, We love going to St. George where the weather is always warmer! :) We had a great time and enjoyed our stay in your town! We hope to make it back down again sometime soon! Have a great day and enjoy your weather for me!

  2. YAy! What a fun get away !
    We also were in St. George this past weekend !
    Guess all of us northern Utah dwellers needed a dose of sunshine and warm temps :)
    Once you see those palm trees, you just know that it will be a warm and sunny trip.
    So glad you had such a nice time with the Grands.

    p.s. My heart jumped for joy when I felt those temperatures in the 70’s!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful grandkids. You are making memories that will never be forgotten; lucky kids, lucky grandparents!

    1. Clydene, Thank you so much for your kind comment. We had a great time and I hope the kids will have fun memories for a long time! They are already planning when we can go again! :)

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