fall mason jar flowers

Fall Mason Jar Flowers

I decided that I needed some fun fall colors in my house, so I did this arrangement of Fall Mason Jar Flowers!  Don’t you love the vibrant colors in these flowers and the beautiful fall tones.  It is  also perfect that there is just a touch of purple in this arrangement that sets it off beautifully!fall mason jar flowersThis mason jar tray was one of my finds at Magnolia Market.  I love it even when there is nothing in the jars.  But, when I add flowers to the jars…it becomes a thing of even greater beauty!fall mason jar flowersI bought this bouquet of flowers from Costco and they were even on sale so it was an inexpensive way to bring fall colors to your home! 

 I divided the flowers among the four jars and I think that I am in love with these fall blooms!  It was super easy to put together and it looks like a bigger arrangement than if I had just put them all into one vase.fall mason jar flowersAs I already said, I love the purple accents in this Fall Mason Jar Flowers.  This is such a perfect accent color to all of the orange and yellow hues!fall mason jar flowersI put this on my island in the kitchen and it is such a cheerful, happy bouquet!  I let my DIL borrow it for a shower that she was doing and it looked beautiful on her coffee table too!  

This is a very versatile way to do floral arrangements.  You do not have to buy this crate you could create the same look by placing 4 mason jars together. You could place them on a table runner, a tray,  a fireplace mantle, or even a shelf!  What ways can you think of to do Fall Mason Jar Flowers?  

I love the fall time and whenever I can bring some of the vibrant fall colors into my home I am a happy person!  I am waiting to find some fun pumpkins, so I can start decorating my porch and inside my house!

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3 thoughts on “Fall Mason Jar Flowers

  1. Sue, thank you for taking the time to write your kind comment. I love hearing from you. Hope you have a great day and happy fall y’all!

  2. I am doing a surprise welcome home vase for a friend next week…this is perfect! I have plenty of jars to use, and Costco is down the street….thanks for sharing, I’ll try and get a pic for you!

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