front Courtyard 2017

Front Courtyard

I have been working out in the yard planting and getting ready for summer.  With the help of a couple of cute girls, the Front Courtyard is now ready to use!front courtyardWe got this furniture set last year, so we just had to brush it off and get the cushions and rug out and we were ready to use it!  I love that it is very low maintenance!

The quilt is from Gardner Village quilt shop.  I bought it a few weeks ago, when I was on a shopping/lunch spree with one of my friends.  It was cheaper to buy than it was to make, so I decided it would be perfect to use outside!front courtyardMy daughter and kids gave me the cute end table and solar lighted hedgehog for my birthday…and I couldn’t wait to put them outside!  They are so cute at night all lit up!front courtyardThese two darling girls put my vintage flea market bench together with some fun summer decor!  

This is the bench that I purchased last fall and it looked like this.

front Courtyard 2017Here is a close-up of each of the baskets.  My granddaughter thinks that we should put sparklers in it at night and take pictures!  

She is quite the creative gal!

front courtyardThis bench is fun to swap out for each of the seasons!

front courtyardThe future for these two is so bright…they gotta wear shades!front courtyardHere are a few of the pots that I have planted.  The two big pots on the steps had sweet potato vines growing out of the sides from last year!  I just put the pots in the garage for the winter and they came up again this spring!!  I might be on to something here!  The frost got them a bit because we had such a late frost, but I think they will come out of it!front courtyardThe antique wagon is one that I have had for years and it always looks so pretty with a flower basket in it.  (I need to take the hanger out of it…oops!)front courtyardLast, but certainly not least is my antique chair planter!  I always plant it in red, white and blue colors and have a flag in it!  It is just tradition!

That is our Front Courtyard for this year!  I have planted some fun pots for the driveway and I am working on new things in the garden.  But that is all for another day!

Thanks for Visiting…Hope you have a Sunny Day!

6 thoughts on “Front Courtyard

  1. Love your antique planters & all your outdoor decor! Love the ideas!
    Thank you for all the time you put into these messages!
    I love them!

  2. You are one busy lady. I love all of your ideas. Thanks for sharing and for all the messages there in. Love the saying their future is so bright, they have to wear shades.

    1. Jeanette, Thank you for your kind comment! I appreciate your words and your sweet support! Hope you have a great day.

  3. Rita, an awesome and picturesque example of hard work ! I have not seen a chair converted into a planter holder before ! Where have I been ????? So cute !

    1. Lauraly, Thank you for taking the time to write your comment. My antique chair is one of my favorite finds! You could use any chair and cut a hole, but when I found that chair, there was no seat on it, so all I had to do is paint it!! It was perfect.

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