spring flower vases

Spring Flower Vases

Spring Flower Vases

It snowed yesterday, here in Utah…and it was a little bit depressing.  We have had some beautiful spring-like days where the sun was shining, so to go back to cold snowy day is just yuck!

I decided that we needed a little bit of spring back, so when I was at Costco I picked up a bunch of beautiful flowers!spring flower vasesDon’t the colors just scream out “Springtime”?spring flower vasesThis is just one of the flower bunches that they had.  I love all of the different flowers and fillers that are included in these bunches.  They are $15, so they are very reasonable.spring flower vasesYou can divide the whole bunch among 3-4 mason jars to make a beautiful arrangement!  It does not take any talent to spread them out and it makes quite a statement!

This wooden box with the metal handle comes from the Magnolia store.  But you could just line up the mason jars on  your kitchen island, a shelf, your mantel or as a centerpiece on your kitchen table!spring flower vasesHere is a close-up of some of the flowers.  I love all the colors in this particular bouquet!  The carrots and the little chick come from “All That Stuff In The Barn” in Midway, Utah.spring flower vasesDo you want to bring a little bit of springtime into your home?  You can make your own Spring Flower Vases…All you need are a few flowers and some mason jars!    You could tie a ribbon or jute around the jars if you wanted to add a little more to this arrangement.  

This would be perfect for a party, shower, dinner, or for a fun gift!

Do you need a little cheering up? 

Thanks for Visiting!  Hope you have a warm spring-like weekend!

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    1. Roswitha, Thanks for your kind email…I am totally ready for spring! We had a few warm days here, and that did me in! Now I want all the days to be warm! :) Hopefully spring will be here soon! Hope you have a wonderful day…and you can bring a little bit of springtime into your home!

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