Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

I took a couple of my grandkids to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and I was thinking that the kids might be a little bit bored walking through the gardens…but they loved it!  So much so, that we had to go back again a few days later!  My secret…I let my 9 year old granddaughter take my camera and she had a great time.  The battery on my camera died about half way through the gardens, so that is why we had to go back a few days later to finish our photo shoot!  :)Thanksgiving PointI am really quite proud of this little budding photographer!  (I put this picture on Instagram a few days ago.)

We took over 400 pictures on our little day trips, so it was hard to narrow some of the pictures down to put them into a blog post.  I decided to do a few collage groups and I grouped them by color.  My granddaughter took most of these pictures, I edited them, but she was the photographer!  My grandson was our tour guide and he had his map and guided us from one garden to the other!:)pinkWe’ll start with the pink…of course!  I love that she captured a picture of the bee in the middle of the blossom!   We did not change any of the settings on the camera, but she was learning about where her focal point was and how she could change the focus from the foreground to the background.  Notice how the bottom right picture the background is all out of focus and the flower is the focal point and is in focus.yellowNext is our yellow group  There are so many different flowers in these gardens…that is why we took so many pictures!  Mother nature is AMAZING!  She once again captured a bee in the top right photo!whiteMy little photographer was learning how to get many different angles of these flowers.  In the picture on the lower right, I had her lay on the ground and get under this flower and point the camera up.  She got that beautiful blue sky for the backdrop.  So pretty!  She learned to get in close with the zoom and move up or down to get different focal points.redSurprisingly enough, there were not as many red flowers, or else we just did not notice them for all the many other flowers.  But we did love these bell flowers on the left!  They remind me a little bit of the Hollyhocks that we used to pick when I was little and make them into dolls.  I know that I am showing my age…sorry!purpleblueThis is the purple/blue grouping.  She just really had fun capturing the bees.  There are so many in the gardens, naturally, and they were fun to include in the pictures!Thanksgiving PointHere are a few of the general landscape pictures.  I love the creek and the girl statue, they are great for taking beautiful pictures.  Here I am with my “tour guide”, he was great and could tell us right where we were going!Thanksgiving PointWe had a great day at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  I ended up doing a little photo shoot of the kids for some back to school pictures and we laughed and pulled faced and just had a great time together.  The flower in the bottom right had fallen on the ground (We did not pick it!) But it was fun to show the size by putting it in the palms of  her  hands.  

If you are ever in this area in Utah and you have the time, I would highly recommend the Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi.  They are well worth your time!  This was a fun way to end the summer vacation.

Thanks for Visiting!  

Hope you have a great weekend.  I am taking a 2 day quilting class at Handi Quilter and it is a LOT of fun.  A little bit of brain overload, but WOW, it has been great!  I will tell you about it in another post!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Point Gardens

  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. I look forward to next year when I have my other knee replaced and my health is better to go and visit the gardens again.

  2. The photos are wonderful. You really included the family and besides the bee on top of the purple flower, your children really humanize the photos (if a bee can be human). Great job!

    1. Mary, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your sweet comment! I thought that my granddaughter did a great job and it was fun to help her learn! Hope you have a great day.

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