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Wildflowers at the Cabin

My husband and I went up to our cabin last week and it was a beautiful site!  As we turned around a bend we saw beautiful fields of Wildflowers at the Cabin!  There were so many of them that I decided I “needed” a beautiful bouquet to enjoy for the time that we were there!Wildflowers at the cabinI am really lucky that I am able to pick these flowers, they were in full bloom last weekend and there were fields of them!flowers at the cabin 2016Unfortunately, there are still lots of dead trees from the fire 3 years ago, but the grasses and flowers have come back in a great abundance!  These fields of flowers are just to the side of the cabin and then below it!  There were lots of these beautiful “lily-like” flowers also.  I do not know the name of them, but they are gorgeous!wildflowers at the cabinSo I went for a little walk around our property and gathered a handful of these beautiful blooms!  I have a vase that I keep at the cabin, just in case I might need it!  :)wildflowersThere were tons of the yellow daisies, and the white “lily flowers”, then I found some bright orange to complement them and the purple was a beautiful accent!  The white filler is probably a weed, but it is a beautiful weed!wildflowers So that is my vase of beautiful wildflowers at the cabin!  I feel very blessed every time we are able to go to the cabin.  There is such a feeling of peace and beauty.  We are truly living in nature and I love the view all the way around me and also up above me!  The stars at night are truly magnificent!mountain viewWhen this is the view off the deck … you can see what I mean!  Look at those big, white, fluffy clouds, the lake below and the valley out in the distant!  I never get tired of this view!

I have tried to plant a few different flowers at the cabin, but the deer seem to like them too much and I cannot get much to grow…so I will just enjoy the natural wildflowers for as long as they last!

Thanks for Visiting, Hope you Have a Great Weekend!

10 thoughts on “Wildflowers at the Cabin

  1. Rita, I believe the picture in the lower right hand corner is a sego lily, our State flower! Thanks for sharing – love the wildflowers!

    1. Judy, I think that it is a Sego Lily now that you mention it. I always thought the sego lily was a larger plant, but it looks just like the ones in the pictures that I researched. Thanks for the heads up! I am a lucky girl!

    1. Sydnie, Thank you for your kind comment. I am very blessed to have a place to escape and a beautiful view to welcome me each time I go!

  2. It is definitely a Sego Lily and IS our state flower. I have lived here all of my 69 years and have rarely seen them. you are very lucky!

    1. Jeanne, I think that it is a Sego Lily too. I always thought that the sego lily was a bigger plant than that, but it looks just like it, so I guess it has to be one. I am not sure where it came from because everything I have read, is that they are a bulbous plant, and I really don’t remember seeing them in previous years, but I am glad that I have them in my backyard now. I hope they will continue to keep coming back every year!

    1. Thanks Debbie, I appreciate your taking the time to write your comment. I never get tired of that view and I know that I am very blessed to be able to enjoy it so often.

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