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Striped Table Make-Over

My daughter got a table from work that they were going to throw out and decided that it would be a fun piece to do a make-over with!  

I think that she was right!striped table make-overThere are no spots on the top of the table…it is just the sunlight filtering through the trees!before make-overThis is what the table looked like when she picked it up at the office!  As you see…it is in desperate need of some tender loving care!striped table topHere is a close-up of the table top.  She spray painted the legs to a sea blue color and then painted the whole top in a white chalk paint that she made.  Here is a link to make your own chalk paint.  After the white dried she taped the stripes on and painted them with a grey chalk paint.  She distressed the edges and finished it with a couple of coats of paste wax!  table make-overI think that it turned out so cute and it will fit perfectly in her new house when it gets built!  She has one piece of new furniture now…and a whole houseful more to go!  :)

Since she did her make-over, I started working on one of my own…here is a preview:antique tableMy neighbor came over earlier this summer and asked me if I would be interested in this table.  She was going to throw it out!  Of course I jumped on the chance to own this sweet baby.  Then I injured my arm on the 4th of July and I figured that I would not be able to do anything with this table this summer.  But my arm is getting better and stronger every day and I am in the painting stages of this table!  I can’t wait to get it finished and show it to you!  It looks just a little bit different than in this picture!  :)

Have a great weekend everyone and Thanks for Visiting Today!

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