magnetic pin bowl

Magnetic Pin Bowls

Are any of you looking for a fun gift for the “hard to buy for” in your life?  These cute Magnetic Pin Bowls are a great gift idea!magnetic pin bowlI found this darling “Pink Polka Dot” one at Pine Needles Quilt Shop in Gardner village and it was just screaming my name!  I have a hard time resisting anything that is pink and polka dotted!  These Magnetic Pin Bowls are perfect for holding small parts, pins, needles, bobbins, paper clips and bobby pins! The bowl will “stick” to most ferrous metal surfaces. Even upside down!  I found that this bowl will stick to the poles on my quilting machine, so it is perfect for pinning quilts onto my quilting machine!  I love that I have the pins stay right close to me and I don’t have to keep reaching!magnetic pin bowlThe brand name of these darling Magnetic Pin Bowls is Pleasant Home and you can order them here.

These Magnetic Pin Bowls are great for teachers, crafters, quilters, seamstresses, and even beauticians!magnetic pin bowlLook how cute these Magnetic Pin Bowls are!!!  :)  They come in a rainbow of colors so you can find the perfect color to suit your fancy!magnetic pin bowlDo you have a hard to find person or persons on your gift list…check out these fun magnetic bowls and see if perhaps you can cross off one more person on your shopping list!  

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4 thoughts on “Magnetic Pin Bowls

  1. Really clever…thanks for sharing…Also, Rita, did you not have an Oreo Elf shoe last year? I can’t seems to find it?

    1. Roswitha, I did a witch boot for Halloween, but have not done an elf shoe. It would be darling though! Thanks for the idea. Rita

  2. I was told that the magnetic ones were not good for my machine. I think they said it messes up the electronics. So be sure to check on your specific machine. It surely is a darling bowl.

    1. Sally, You probably have a good point if your machine is computerized. Mine is not…it is an oldie but a goodie! :) Thanks for the heads up though.

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