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Super Easy, Fun Zipper Bags

I needed a small bag for a gift, so I decided to make these Super Easy Fun Zipper Bags!

They are so easy to do and they make a great little gift!zipper bagsWith the holidays soon upon us, you might want to add these fun little zipper bags to your gift giving list!

There is a full tutorial here on the blog.  I taught a class on how to make these bags.   An easy, beginner project that anyone can do! 

Check out the tutorial here:

Easy to Sew Zippered Pouches

zipper bagsThese bags are a little bit bigger than the original ones in the tutorial.  It needed to be a little bit longer to hold the colored pencils.

To make the larger bags, you will need to cut your fabric squares 10.5 inches x 6.5 inches.  Cut two outside pieces and two lining pieces.

If you want the box bottom like shown here.    Sew 1.5 inches in from the corner point.  The same as the directions on the tutorial.zipper bagsA fun contrasting lining make the inside of the bags as fun as the outside!

Make as many of these as you need for your gift giving fun.  You can make make-up bags, pencil bags, all kinds of craft pouches, or let your imagination go wild as to what you would fill these Super Easy, Fun Zipper Bags with!

Colored pencils are still very popular and I love these Twistable Crayola pencils because you don’t have to worry about a pencil sharpener!zipper bagsSo what you put in these Super Easy, Fun Zipper Bags?

The possibilities are endless!

Do you need some of these in your Christmas giving arsenal?

I can’t believe that we are already working on Christmas again…didn’t we just get it over with  for last year??

Thanks for Visiting!!  Hope you have a beautiful Fall Weekend!

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