“Lucky” the Deer

My husband and I spend a lot of time at our cabin up in the mountains.  We love to enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful scenery all around us.  We usually have a few deer that come to visit us while we are there.  Of course, it might help that we throw apples out to them on the lawn!  They sometimes will come running, literally,  when they hear the cabin door open and close!

We have had several does and 3 sets of twin fawns  this summer, that live right by the cabin,  and they come to visit every time we are there!    It has been so fun to watch as the fawns have lost their spots and gotten weaned from their mothers and become a little bit independent throughout the last few months.   Well, last weekend while we were there we also had a couple more bucks come to visit.  They are in 7th heaven with all the does around.  (Sorry!)

It is quite a little haven for the deer, as they cannot be hunted on our side of the mountain.  My husband was looking out the window and told me to come look at this deer that was out on the front lawn.

This little 3 point had been walking around and then went and sat on the lawn.  He was kind enough to stay there long enough for me to get these pictures.  (Of course with all his girlfriends right there,  he was not going to go too far!)

Can you tell why we named him Lucky?

Hint:  It is not because he has all his girlfriends right there!

Here is a test for all the girls to find out  how observant your guys are!  Ask them if they can tell you why his name is Lucky?

Look just to the right of the word Lucky in the photo.  You will see a bullet hole right through his horn!   He obviously was shot at somewhere other than on our side of the mountain and was “Lucky” enough to only have his horn hit!  But now he is safe and has his little harem, so I guess you could say that he got “Lucky” twice!  (Oh my!)

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