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Sinterklaas Party 2014

We had our annual Sinterklaas party last night and boy am I tired this morning!  It was a  lot of fun…but a lot of work!  We celebrate Sinterklaas day because my oldest son served a mission for the church in the Netherlands.  I have always loved the idea of welcoming in the Christmas Season with Santa!  We then celebrate the spiritual side of Christmas on Christmas Eve.Santa ClausSanta comes to see us every year and he just loves to talk to each of the children and ask if they have been good or bad!  He knows them and can tell specific things about them which is always fun!Group photoThis year all of the kids went and talked to Santa.  Even the littlest one went with the help of her big brother!  Santa gave them a bag of goodies and several of them broke into the bags and got the suckers out…as you can see!Fringed blanketsBefore Santa arrived, all of the kids worked on fringed fleece blankets for the hospital!  We have 10 blankets to take…one for each grandchild.  It was fun to see all of the kids, both young and old, working to get these blankets done.  The younger kids and I will go to take them to the hospital tomorrow.fleece blanketsThe kids all got their Christmas pj’s from Grandma and Grandpa with a bubblegum box in their bag!

Christmas GumballI am sure that all of their moms are loving me about now!Christmas DishclothsI knitted dishcloths for every family and gave them a new Christmas dishtowel, because you just need a good reason to do those dishes at Christmas time!  :)  Each family also received the “ites” book so that we can do Family Home Evening all together… once a month next year!  :)

I made peanut clusters, pretzel Rolo bites, rice crispie Santas (I will show these in a later post) and my snowflake sprinkles cookies, so there were lots of goodies to munch on!

It was a lot of work, but so much fun and the kids seem to love it…so the tradition goes on!

What traditions do you do in your home for Christmas.  Whatever it is…it is important to try to keep those family memories going!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting!

6 thoughts on “Sinterklaas Party 2014

  1. You are so amazing…I have a lot of German ancestry and I am French, so we celebrate St. Nicholas on December the 6th….I love that tradition, as it takes all the Santa hoopla out of the Celebration of the Birth of Christ….
    I hope your family appreciates how blessed they are to have to be their special earthly angel….Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Roswitha, How fun that you are familiar with the Sinterklaas tradition! I do love that I can have Santa Claus at the first of the month and then we can concentrate on the Birth of our Savior! I like the thought that I could possibly be an earthly angel, that really touched my heart…thank you! I hope that your holidays are the best ever! Merry Christmas to you and your family also!

  2. You are amazing!! The things you accomplish just blow me away. You must have boundless energy and or just extremely organized and focused. I love seeing and reading your posts and your truly inspire me.

    1. Sharon, I don’t know how amazing I am…crazy yes! I tend to go on one speed only and that is fast! I really need to slow down, I am just not exactly sure how to do it! :) But thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate your sweet words! Happy Holidays to you and to your family!

  3. Incredible. You are such a talented energetic woman. I’d love to work along side of you and learn.
    I love the idea of dividing the holiday and putting the emphasis on the Savior for Christmas day.
    This would also help those who have extended family and multiple schedules to meet on Christmas and free them up to slow down more during the Christmas break.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for all the help you are to the visiting teaching program.

    1. Jan, I don’t really think that you would want to work along side of me…because I am a little bit crazy! :) But it would be fun to have you along for the ride! I love the Sinterklaas tradition because it gets us in the happy holiday spirit and then we can concentrate on the birth of the Savior! It is the best of both worlds! I hope that your holidays are the merriest ever!

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