Don’t Eat Hoppy!

Here is my new game that my grand kids love to play, this is the Easter version of “Don’t Eat Pete!”  It is called  Don’t Eat Hoppy!  This is a fun game for FHE or for a school class party, (just print multiple game boards), even adults can get in on the fun with this game!


This game board is now available in pdf format in my shop:

Don’t Eat Hoppy

14 thoughts on “Don’t Eat Hoppy!

  1. I can’t wait for all my family to play this on Sunday! What a wonderful game for all ages. Thank you for the wonderful game.

      1. I just had to come back and tell you how much fun everyone had playing “Don’t Eat Hoppy!” Even the teenagers were laughing and yelling. This will definitely be an Easter tradition for our family. Thanks again.

        1. Thank you, I think that is a fun Easter tradition! Any time you can get the family together for something fun it makes for wonderful memories!

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