I “Mustache” You To Have a Happy Father’s Day

For Mother’s Day, at church, they usually hand out a flower or plant, a treat or a little book, but for Father’s day they don’t ever seem to do anything!  So I decided that needed to change this year!  A friend and I got permission to do something for all the great dad’s out there and this is what we came up with.  So simple, yet it looks fun.


We put over 100 of these together.  They are all sitting on my kitchen table and I think that they look like a party with all that ribbon,  the tags and the yummy goodness!


Some of the grand kids have seen these and they wanted to have one, so I decided that they would be fun for our Father’s day dinner this weekend!  So I guess that I need to get busy and put a few more together!  If you would like to make some for your Father’s day dinner or just to add for a gift, you can get the tag here.  It is on my June Calender post, it is what I used for the business card magnet.  Just copy as many as you need and print them out.  Cut them out, glue or tape to a straw and tie with some fun ribbons!

I “Mustache” all you Father’s to have a Happy Father’s Day!  Love Ya!

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