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I don’t know about you, but in the summertime when it is hot, I don’t really like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals…so I always like to stock my pantry, so that I can usually pull a meal together in no time at all!  Really I like to have my pantry stocked all of the time, but for some reason I tend to do it better in the summer time!

I decided that for my post today I would share a pantry shopping list that I put together:


 To download a copy click on this link: pantry shopping list

This is a good basic list and it is super easy to use.  Just check your pantry and any items that you already have, just cross that off of your list.  Any items that you need,  just write the number of cans (or packages) that you need to the right of that item.  Then take your list with you when you go shopping.  You can stock up all at once, or you can keep the list and buy the items as you can afford them or as they go on sale.  In Utah, a lot of stores have their case lot sales in the summer, so this is a great time to stock up!  You can personalize this list with things that you like and cross off the things that you never use.

So now we have no excuses for not having our pantries in order.  (I am talking to myself here!)  It really does save time and money to have your pantry stocked with at least the very basic ingredients that you use all the time to cook or bake with.

Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. Hi! I run a healthy food Instagram called @eat_juicy and I would love to have your help in compiling a healthy whole foods pantry list. I love your artwork! Would you be willing to help me out and I in turn will post about you on my Instagram and direct people to your website to download it? Let me know if you’d be interested!!!

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