St. Patrick's Bag Toppers

St. Patrick’s Bag Topper

Here is a great way to give an inexpensive little treat!  These are perfect for Visiting Teaching, class handouts, activity days, teacher treats,  a fun thank you treat, or just to make someone smile!  Give these to all of your little “Lucky Charms”.St. Patrick's Bag topper

St. Patrick’s Day Bag Toppers

There are 4 toppers to a page.  You simply print, cut out and fold over a  4 inch cellophane bag and staple!  I recommend that you print in the best quality setting on cardstock paper.  I have included the PDF format and the JPEG format for those that would like to send this out to their favorite photo processing center.

I used these fun little bags to give to the kids with their St. Paddy’s Day Rainbow Crispies .

St. Patrick's Bag ToppersThese would have been fun to make with “Lucky Charms” cereal, but I also loved the rainbow colors in the “Trix” cereal.  Either way…they would both be great for this fun holiday!

This is the perfect time to tell those special people that they are your “lucky charms!” and it is so easy to do…with these little St. Patrick’s bag toppers!

Here is one other St. Paddy’s day idea, this post has several versions of this thought that you could print and frame for a fun little St. Paddy’s day thought!

Lucky Me…I have You!

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