bee happy quilt-WIP

Bee Happy Quilt-WIP

Bee Happy Quilt- WIP, (work in progress).

Bee Happy quilt-WIP

I started this quilt several months ago. 

It is a Lori Holt sew along.  And I was going along really well…until my husband had his medical incident in October!  Then my sewing came to a complete halt for a little while!

After Christmas, was a good time to start sewing again! 

All of these blocks are either pieced or applique.  This is a very labor intensive quilt and so it was good to get going on it again!

Here are a few close-ups of this quilt:bee happy quilt-WIPAs you can see, there are pieced blocks, appliqued blocks and embroidery on some of the blocks!bee happy-WIPThere are several blocks that still need buttons sewn on them, but they will be applied after all the quilting is done.bee happy quilt-WIPYou gotta love all the designs and  fun dimensions in Lori’s fun, creative quilts!bee happy quilt-wipThe vintage fabrics are part of what I love about this quilt!

As I said, this is my Bee Happy Quilt-WIP

Because now ALL I have to do is put the borders on and quilt it.

And…that means sewing 99 appliqued hexagons onto one of the borders!

So I still have quite a bit to do to complete this quilt!bee happy quilt-WIPPeek-a-boo!

My husband took all of these pictures and I kept having to put my arms down to rest!

That trailer and truck with the little dog in the back is my favorite block and what suckered me into even doing this quilt! 

What do you think…is that your favorite block too?

Love this quilt, even though it has taken me quite a bit of time to get to this point!  I am driven to get it done…because I already have the fabric for another quilt that I want to make!! 

So hopefully the borders will come together quickly!  :)

Thanks for Visiting!

Bee Happy!

15 thoughts on “Bee Happy Quilt-WIP

  1. Oh my goodness! I adore this quilt! It is so happy and makes me happy! I would love to be able to quilt. I am sure it would be a big stress relief. Do you sell your quilts? They are all amazing!

    1. Kesha, Thank you so much for your kind comment. Quilting is a fun hobby and a good stress relief…unless I have to unpick…then I get frustrated! :) I do not sell my quilts, most of them are made with someone in mind, for a gift or just for me to decorate my house with! :) Hope you have a “Bee”utiful day!

    1. Vicki, Thank you for taking the time to write your kind comment. I appreciate your sweet words and support. I agree that those little “Red Trucks” get you every time, no matter what form they come in! Hope you have a “Bee” utiful day!

  2. Wow, Rita! Talk about labor intensive! I don’t know if I ever would get this done. I do love the truck, dog and caravan block! There are so many that are really cute though! It’s coming along beautifully! Good luck with a quick turn around on the borders!

    1. Pat, Thank you! I may need luck with those borders! :) Thanks for your kind words and sweet support. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Rita I have only made one quilt along time ago. I went to a class, we ironed the pieces on with stitch witchery (?). then machine sticthed around the piece. Looking at your quilt do you hand stitch the pieces on or machine stitch? It looks like you hand stitch! I love your work wish I had the patience and eye sight to do something like this? I just love all they quilts you do!

    1. Jean, all of these pieces are stitched around the shape with a light weight pellon. Then you clip the back and turn each piece. Then I hand applique all the pieces on. You could stitch them with your machine, but I just like the look of the hand stitching on this quilt. I have done the method that you described and it would be way faster to do something like that, but this has been a great technique to learn too! Hope you have a wonderful day and that you will always…BEE HAPPY!

    1. Brenda, I could never find anyone that would cut a kit for me because there are just so many different pieces. But you might want to check the fat quarter shop online, they might possibly still have some. If not just start collecting fat quarters of different fabrics. That is what I did and it worked out pretty good. I had to pick up a couple more in the middle of making some of the squares, but it was better than buying way more than what I needed! If you decide to make one of these quilts…good luck!

  4. Rita,
    Thanks so much for the adorable and gorgeous Lori Holt quilt that YOU have almost finished!! You have inspired me!! I have not sewn much for a few years after a move and a serious accident that my husband has had. He is doing better…so now I can’t wait. I got on Lori’s web site but could not find the quilt you did. Is it possible to still get the pattern?? I want to thank you for your inspirational card designs each month!! I use them for so many people!! Thank you for brightening my life and so many others!!!

    1. Norma, I am so glad that you are ready to start quilting again! The instructions for the Bee Happy quilt are on the side bar of Lori Holt’s website. Just scroll down till you see the Bee Happy quilt. There are about 10-11 different tutorials for this quilt. She did one a week. It has all of the instructions for every week. There is a download of several pages that you will want to print or save to help you also. Good luck! This is a fun quilt, but also a very time consuming quilt!

      1. Rita,
        Thank YOU so very much!! Enjoy February; and thank you for sharing your incredible skills and tremendous spirit with us!!

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