Blue Turning Twenty Quilt

When we were planning my dad’s 90th birthday party, he said that his favorite color was blue, so we used blue and yellow to decorate with.  I decided at the last minute to make a Blue Turning Twenty Quilt for him!  I did this quilt with blue and cream and I was able to find all of the fabric at a local quilt shop called “Broadbents”.DSC_7360I love all the different blues that I was able to find.  This is actually a turning 25 quilt because I wanted it to be more like a bedspread.  That means that it has 25 fat quarters in this quilt.  Every fat quarter was a different fabric, so it is just a fun quilt with lots and lots of designs in the fabric!  This pattern has been around for a long time.  You can Google it to find a pattern, there are several of them out there!DSC_7356I added a border to the top and the bottom so that the quilt would not be square.  I also added a panel in the back of the quilt but I forgot to take a picture of that, but it looks cute and breaks up the back so it is not all one fabric.DSC_7365Here is a close-up of some of the fabrics.  I really do love these colors.  I made me a turning twenty quilt a few years ago and I used blue and brown, but I am loving this Blue Turning Twenty Quilt a whole lot more! I quilted this quilt with an all-over loop pattern with a few stars thrown in randomly.DSC_7366Here it is hanging at my dad’s birthday party.  I hope that he will enjoy this quilt and know that it was made with love!

I have several more quilts that I am working on and I am hoping to get some of them finished this summer!  Wish me luck!

Do you do any sewing in the summer time?  Some people take the summer off from sewing, but I seem to love it all year long!  I am a little crazy!

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3 thoughts on “Blue Turning Twenty Quilt

  1. Your quilt looks wonderful. I am sure your dad will love it. What a great idea to make it into a Turning 25. I made one of these quilts a few years ago out of patriotic fabric and I love using it every summer.

    1. Crystal, Don’t you love making these quilts! They are easy to do and yet look so beautiful! I am glad that you are still enjoying your quilt. Patriotic quilts are one of my weaknesses! :)

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