Baptism quilt

Minky Baptism Quilt

I told you that my granddaughter was getting baptized last week into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…and so following along with tradition…here  is the Minky Baptism Quilt that I made for her.Baptism quiltShe picked out all the fabric a few weeks ago on a little grandma date that we went on.  I love her choice of colors!!!  Pink polka dot…Hello!  We started with the pink and green floral fabric and added the colors that went with that!Abby's Baptism Quilt

I have a dear sweet lady that does my embroidery work for me, so it makes each of the quilts very personalized.   All I do is cut squares out of minky fabric and piece them together.  My husband usually has to help me lay it out so I don’t get two blocks of the same fabric together!  (It is harder than it looks!)  I do five blocks across by 6 rows down.  I sewed them all together.  I put a very thin batting in the middle and then I did a stipple all-over pattern for the quilting.  I outlined the embroidery work and just stippled the rest of the quilt.baptism quiltAll of the baptism quilts that I have made have been soft, cuddly, minky fabric on the front and the back!  The kids love them!  I used a green polka dot cotton for the binding and it is much easier to bind with a cotton fabric than with another minky, so I choose to go the easy route…that’s just the way I am!  :)Baptism QuiltShe was very excited to get her Minky Baptism Quilt!  Even though she had picked out the fabric, she did not know what it would look like when it was all finished!baptism quiltHere she is with a couple of her other “girl” cousins!  These three get along pretty good and they have to stick together because two of the three do not have any sisters, so the girls have to band together!baptism dayMy husband and I are so proud of this little girl.  She is kind and sweet and she looks like a little angel in her white dress!baptism quiltThis sweet little girl is my mini me or so I have been told many times and I will take it anytime anyone wants to tell me that!  I love having a little angel to be my example and someone that can teach me!  Love you Abby!

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6 thoughts on “Minky Baptism Quilt

  1. Congratulations to Abby!!
    What a special time for her, and for her to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!

    Darling blanket ! I’m sure that she will treasure that blanket always, and the special memories of her baptism day :)
    {I have a blanket from my Grandma, and let me tell you.. that was a loooong time ago… it is still precious to me}

    Have a sweet week.

    1. K, Thank you for your kind words to Abby. I love that you still have a blanket that your grandma gave you. What a precious keepsake! Hope you have a great day!

  2. I want to be one of your granddaughters. Lol. That is such a special baptismal gift made with love from her grandma. She will have happy memories of your time that you spent with her to pick the fabric out and the beautiful quilt you made for her. Your family is lucky to have such a talented and gifted grandma that shares her talents with them.

    1. Danielle, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your sweet comment! I appreciate your support and kind words. Hope you have a great day!

  3. You are one of the bestest grandma’s that I know. Adorable, adorable quilt. “Mini me”, I laughed when I read that because I had checked to see who Abby favored. I chose correctly.

    1. Bev, Thank you once again for your very kind words. I love my little “Mini me” she is the sweetest! Hope you have a great day.

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