plaid flannel quilt

Plaid Flannel Quilt

My daughter made this Plaid Flannel Quilt for a Christmas Gift!plaid flannel quilt

She saw something on Pinterest that she liked and just decided to copy the idea.  We did not have a pattern, but it is just squares pieced together.

A quilt like this is perfect for camping, picnics, ballgames or just being outside!  

The flannel makes it a nice soft quilt.  And it is a durable fabric that can be washed and used over and over!

In one of the the corner blocks, she had “Christmas 2016” embroidered.  So, it is documented.  I love  this idea.  It is not quite as much information as a quilt label.  But it is way better than not having anything!!!

To make this quilt, you will need to first cut the squares to 10 1/2″  x 10 1/2″.  

Next, just start sewing the squares together. There are 9 squares across and 10 squares down.  Sew all the squares across to make a row, then sew the rows together to make it the length that you need. 

This quilt is a nice size at 90 x 100″plaid flannel quiltNext you will need to quilt your quilt, or tie it on the corners.  My daughter did all of the machine quilting. I  helped her with the bobbins on the quilting machine and part of the binding.  But she did all of the hand stitching!  :)

Last of all, you will need to sew the binding on.  You can find a binding tutorial here.
plaid flannel quiltThe black binding on this quilt is the perfect finishing touch!  It outlines the quilt quite nicely!

It makes me proud of my daughter that she took the initiative to make a quilt.  She is very talented in figuring out all the measurements and putting fabrics together!

This Plaid Flannel Quilt will be useful for many things…even for a quilt on a bed!  :)  But it is really perfect for many outdoor activities too!

If you are looking for an easy quilt to put together, a plaid flannel quilt is a great one to do! You just simply cut fabric squares and sew them together.   They can be made for any size by simply adding more squares.  Or you can change the size of the squares.

Do you have a quilt on your “to-do” list for 2017?  

This simple plaid flannel quilt is a great one to try!

Thanks for Visiting…Happy Quilting!

10 thoughts on “Plaid Flannel Quilt

  1. Love the idea. How old is your talented daughter?
    Was the backing a solid color piece of flannel?
    Did you do any filling between the two layers?
    Did you pre-wash to shrink the flannel before cutting the squares?
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Cathy, My daughter is 30ish and she learned to sew as a teenager, but she has not done much sewing lately because she works full time and take care of her 2 kids full time. The backing was a solid flannel and we put a layer of warm and natural batting between the two layers. We did not pre-wash the flannel before cutting, but you you could do that if you wanted to. This was a fun quilt to put together, because you just start collecting your flannels and then put them all together!

  2. Really love this. Where did she find all those flannels that go together so well? So happy to see her start a quilting journey.

    1. Ellen, We found all of the plaid flannels at the Fabric Center in Utah. They had a great selection to choose from and we were able to find all of the different plaids at one store! :) My daughter has made a few quilts before, but she works full time and has 2 children, so she doesn’t have as much time anymore to do the fun stuff! But she was excited to make this quilt!

  3. Love 💗 it & it looks so warm & cozy – thank you for sharing- it’s just what I’ve been looking for for teenage boys!!!

    1. Pat, This quilt is perfect for boys!! It is an easy to sew-together quilt that is perfect for teenage boys or for any age! :) If you decide to make them…good luck!

  4. Yes, I have quilting in my 2017 goals. I love this flannel quilt. Thanks for putting it up for us. It seems like it will be pretty easy. But I don’t have a sweet daughter to help me quilt it. :-) Thank you for all that you give your sisters. You are very talented.

    1. Leslie, thank you for your sweet comment. I am lucky that I have a daughter that likes to see and quilt. I hope 2017 will be fun quilting year for you!

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