Thanksgiving Table Quilt

I finally got my Thanksgiving Table quilt done last week!  It took me longer to get to it than I anticipated!  (But isn’t that how a lot of things go?)  I am very happy with it, and it is on my kitchen table now, where I can enjoy it every time I walk into the kitchen!


I love the beautiful fall colors in this quilt!  I changed up the pattern quite a bit.  The pattern called for quite a bit of black in it and I changed them to brown and added more orange and green.  I like my brightened up version!


Here are some of the close-ups of this quilt.  The stitched and appliqued wreath along with two different turkeys…


These pumpkins with the yo-yo and crocheted flowers!  I think this corner of the quilt is my favorite! :)


This house and the other turkey.  There are also pieced leaves and pieced corner blocks that round out the blocks in this quilt.


This pattern is the  Kimberbell Designs Pattern, In all things give thanks.  I like these patterns because they are easy to follow, but they have a lot of detail in them, which I love! 


So here is my table quilt on my kitchen table with my fall letters!  I am loving it.

I love this time of year and all of the fall colors, so to bring this quilt into my kitchen, just warms my heart!

Do any of you have any fun fall decorations that you have put out? 

I hope you have a great day!  Love Ya!

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8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table Quilt

  1. I knew right away when I saw the picture it was a Kimberbell pattern. I love her patterns, too! I looked at the original, and I prefer your brightened up version. The browns, greens, and fall colors are perfect!

    1. Teresa, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your kind message. I love hearing from you! I hope you will visit again soon.

  2. Rita,The quilt is beautiful. Done a great job as usual. I’m jealous and should have made one. Maybe next year. Kathy

  3. Your Thanksgiving quilt if absolutely gorgeous! Maybe now you can start on a Christmas one! I don’t quilt (just with paper: scrapbooking!) and I always admire quilters, I wish I knew how to do that.

    1. You should try your hand at quilting. If you are a scrapbooker, you probably already have an eye for quilting! I have my stitched Christmas quilt that now needs to be put together! I also have one other quilt that I need to do in the next couple of weeks, and then I am done quilting for a little while! At least I think I am!

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