plant seeds of love

Plant Seeds of Love

I have a thought for you today…”Plant Seeds of Love”  I know that it is not the season to  plant seeds right now in my neck of the woods, but it is ALWAYS time to Plant Seeds of Love!plant seeds of loveI have been told by a few people that I need to slow down…it is a hard thing for a busy body like myself, but I am trying to focus on the things that I need to do and to eliminate some of the things that are not so important.  I have recently discovered the world of adult coloring books!adult coloring bookI picked up this book at Michael’s a week or so ago and I am loving the fun pages in this book!  I did not realize how big adult coloring books were until I started looking into them!  There are pages all over Pinterest and there are books out there EVERYWHERE like this one from Zenspiration, she even has her own blog.  I like this book because there is a thought with each page and I love to have books of thoughts, it just makes me happy.
adult coloring bookI bought the book and a set of colored pencils, because I love pencils.  I bought a blending pencil too, so I could do some shading on my pages.  I think that I will add a few basic markers to my collection and possibly watercolor pencils in the future.  adult coloring bookI ran into a neighbor at the store when I was buying my book and pencils and she told me that I should make an art book to keep all of the finished pages in!  I thought that was a great idea…to have a collection of the many different kinds of art that I like to do all in one place!  I could put scrapbook pages, painted pages, photographs, or any other mediums of art that I might like to dabble in.  It will be fun to look back at some of the projects that I have done in a few years!  The pages really do reflect on your personality, moods, ideals, thoughts and coloring bookSo this page is one of the first pages that will go in my binder.  I hope that I will be able to add many more through the years.  Coloring really is a relaxing hobby, it is good for the brain,  your coordination and for the soul!

Have any off you jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon?  If not you should give it a try.  Print off a free page from the internet and try it…you just might like it!  :)

Thanks for Visiting Today…Have a Great Weekend!

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