Thursday’s Thought-Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself.

Well, another week is almost over and Thursday is already here…so that means that it is time to do my Thursday’s Thought!


Click here for the download: Life isn’t about finding yourself

I love this thought, because we really do create our own selves.  Everything that we do, or don’t do…defines who we are and that is exciting that we can control our own destiny!  Many different things and circumstances make up our lives and how we live and react to those things make up who become!  

So Dream BIG & Live BIG!

Happy Thursday Everyone and Thanks for Visiting!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thought-Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself.

  1. Thank you for the lovely printable.
    I think of another quote: Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

    I love your quote because, even though the other one is funny, it’s true that some parts of ourselves are our unique personality, while other parts are what we decide to make of ourselves. I could be lazy or selfish, but I can choose better because I want to be better than that.

    1. Julie, you are so right. I love that we get to decide who we are or want to be! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I love hearing from you.

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