goody goody binding kit

Goody Goody Binding Kit

I wanted to take a couple of thank you gifts up to my cousins in Canada for helping me learn how to do a pantograph on the quilting machine!  Since both of them are quilters, I decided to make each of them a Goody Goody Binding Kit.goody goody binding kitThis kit is a fun way to store all of your quilt binding needs!  It is cute as well as functional, and is perfect for on-the-go projects, as well as projects at home.goody goody binding kitYou open it up to three different sections.  

The first section has a zippered pocket that is perfect for keeping your binding clips and thimble in.  The middle section has a thread holder, a needle holder and a pocket to keep your scissors in.  And the third pocket is where you keep your goodies!  That is why it is called a Goody Goody Binding Kit!  

Because, after all what quilter does not need a treat or two when hand sewing a binding onto a quilt?goody-goody-binding-kitI love these little scissors that I found at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe a couple of weeks ago!  I call them stork scissors!  

You can find the pattern for these Goody Goody Binding Kits from Lella Boutique.  It is a free pattern with a wonderful tutorial on how to make these kits.  It shows how simple it is to install a zipper and there are great tips to help you make your own.  I changed the Goody Goody Binding Kits that I made by putting a rectangle pocket instead of the strawberry pocket.  I did not think a yellow and grey strawberry would be very cute!  :)goody goody binding kitYou wrap the strap around the binding kit and tie it into a cute  bow to keep everything in it’s place!  I think that these are the perfect gift for any of your quilting friends.  Really, they are a fun kit for a lot of other crafts too!  What could you use this Goody Goody Binding Kit for? 

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    1. Kelly, Thank you for the wonderful time and for teaching me how to do pantographs. I am excited to try one on my own now. I need to get busy making more quilts! :)

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