hipster bags

Hipster Bags

I made a hipster bag back in May and my granddaughter and her friend decided that they wanted to make one, so we got some fabric and these two cute girls went to work.  We ended up doing part of them one day and finishing them the next week!  Here is what their Hipster Bags looked like:hipster bags

This Hipster Bag Pattern  is from Riley Blake.  It is a free download and is a simple pattern that is perfect for beginners!  My granddaughter picked out the fabric quite a while ago and there was enough fabric for two bags, so she thought it would be fun for her and her friend to do them together!  Her friend loves to do crafts too, so it is fun when these two get together.

hipster bagsThese fun hipster bags have a zipper front pocket and a regular pocket on the back.  They are big enough to put a wallet,  a phone, a notebook, some lip gloss and whatever other “essentials” a girl might need!  They are very fashionable and fun and you could make one in every color if you really wanted to!  These girls had fun with a little photo shoot and they are both so fun.hipster bagsDo you need some hipster bags for the girls in your life…or perhaps you need one for yourself!  They are a fun project to make and they are easy enough that these girls were able to do most of the sewing.  The only thing that they asked me to do is the zipper part.  It really isn’t hard, but they were nervous to sew that part, so I did it for them.  They sewed and ironed the rest of the project!

Have you done any sewing this summer?  I love the summertime to help teach kids to sew.  It is becoming a lost art and I love that these two were so eager to try it and that they loved it.  I might have to see if I can find another simple to sew project to do with them before school starts!

 I have been working on another project that I am excited to show you next week!  So stay tuned for that one.

Thanks for Visiting… Go sew with a child today!

2 thoughts on “Hipster Bags

  1. Hi Rita,
    I love receiving your emails! You are an amazing woman. I think you are so talented and how kind of you to share your hard work with those of us who are creatively challenged. I decided to do the recipe book binder for my daughter as she is always cutting out recipes or printing them from the internet. I have been unable to find the extra wide, sheet protector dividers that I can use to insert your beautiful category pages. Where did you find them? I am so excited to do this and I have everything I need but the insert dividers. Thank you for all of your beautiful ideas!

    1. Candy, Thank you for taking the time to write your kind comment. I appreciate your words and your sweet support. I bought my sheet protectors at Office Depot. They are just regular sheet protectors with the tabs on the outside. If you cannot find them you can just buy the tabs and place them on your sheet protectors where you want them to go. Hope this helps.

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