Sew together bag

Sew Together Bag

Today I have a fun Sew Together Bag that I want to show you!

I ordered this pattern several months ago and I have even had the fabric for awhile, but have just not taken the time to sew it together until now…but now I am kind of hooked on making these darling bags and have made two of them and have the supplies to make several more!  I am a little bit crazy like that!  :)

sew together bagThese fun Sew Together Bags are perfect for a sewing bag, a make-up bag, a craft bag, a jewelry bag, an artist bag, a travel bag, or a fun purse organizer!sew together bagThere are 3 zippered pockets and 4 in-between pockets, so there is lots of room to organize!  There is a zipper that closes the entire bag, so nothing will fall out, and when zipped up it makes a carrying handle on either end!  The outside of the bag can be personalized any way you want.  I decided to piece the outside like a quilt…imagine that!Sew together bagThis pattern is from Sew Demented, and you can order the pattern from there.  But if you decide you want to make one of these cute bags, I highly recommend that you follow this tutorial from the Quilt Barn.  They have a full tutorial on how to make these bags, the pattern is a bit hard to follow, but with the tutorial, it all makes sense!  I followed the tutorial pretty closely except for the binding, I hand sewed the binding down instead of stitching it with the machine.  I like the look of the hand stitching better!sew together bagI am in love with these darling Sew Together Bags.  The first one I made has a few small mistakes, so that one is mine!  But the second one went together much faster!  I can see many more of these bags in the future.  I think they will make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or just for a fun friend gift!  You can personalize them to fit the personality of whomever you are making it for.  You could add cute pins, scissors, and thread for a sewing bag…pencils, pens, ruler and highlighters for a student bag…eye shadow, lip gloss and blush for a make-up bag…craft supplies for a craft bag…a fun piece of jewelry for a jewelry bag…well, you get the idea!  You could also just put a gift card in!

Are you ready to make a couple of these Sew Together Bags?  Summer is a great time to sew if you need a fun gift for a special someone or to get ahead on your holiday gift list!

Thanks for visiting today.  Hope you have a SEW GREAT DAY!

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    1. Joann, I am still working on getting the process down, so right now I would say it takes me at least 4-5 hours to make one. I just cut out 3 more at the same time and I ironed on the pellon and that took me more than an hour and a half, if that gives you any idea. There is a lot of prep work, but once you get it all done, the sewing seems to go quite a bit faster. I also sew all of my bindings down by hand so that takes some extra time too. They are a bit of of process, and that truly makes them a labor of love. I am hoping to get the time down considerably, but for right now, I am not in a big hurry and I just enjoy the creative process!

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