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Friday’s Favorite Find

Today I wanted to do another one of my favorite finds! 

Since it is the beginning of the new year and a lot of us are thinking about resolutions and goals I wanted to share this book with you.  I am a very type A person and I love to read organizational books and articles! :)  I am a list maker and I love to write in my planner and plan out  all of my “to-do’s” for the day.  One of my biggest problems is that my lists are usually longer than the time in the day!  

I don’t even remember where I read about this book, but I ordered it and have been working on it for 3 weeks now!  I love the concept of this book, that you set ONE goal a week and work on it.  (Not a whole page of them!)  The second thing that I love about this book is that you are supposed to reward yourself!  How many of us women ever reward ourselves?  Not many.  Well, now you have an excuse to reward yourself for the goals that you accomplish!  Gotta love that!  Another thing that you will do with this book is write a life plan.  This little exercise really made me stop and think about what I really want to accomplish in my life time!

The name of this book is:

Faithful Fit and Fabulous_2x3

FAITHFUL fit & FABULOUS by Connie E. Sokol

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Real People Ironman!

I have been working out lately.  I was always tired and non motivated and I just decided that it was time to get going!  I have always walked and swam but not really pushing myself.  So I talked to a friend of mine, who is a trainer, and she agreed to work with me!   She is killing me, but it is a good feeling! :)

She has me doing weights, biking, swimming, walking, and cross training.  She got me started for a couple of weeks and started me going on the weights and biking, then she took off for two weeks to go be with her daughter in Hawaii, who just had a baby!  Tough place to go to help out your daughter, right?   But I am trying really hard to keep motivated and to build up my endurance while she is gone!  One of the things that she gave me was this challenge to do a “Real People Ironman”  I asked her if I could copy it and share it with you on my blog.  She said that I needed to make it cute, so here is my version of a little bit cute:


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