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Friday’s Favorite Find-Heidi Swapp’s Memory Planner

A couple of week ago when I was cleaning and organizing in my scrapbook room, I came across this book that I had put together in 2011.  I only completed about 6 months in this book, but it was so fun to look back and see some of the projects that I did and some of the trips that we took and some of the holidays that we celebrated etc.


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April Calendar Ideas

Here are my ideas for my calendar for this month.

Most of these things were just purchased.  Not a lot of homemade here this time, but when you can buy cute things that are already made there is no sense in making them, right?  I did add my own touch to a couple of the items.


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snowflake collage

January Calendar

Here is my January Calendar!

 I had so much fun decorating this month!  I think because Christmas was over and I am excited to start the new year.    I went with the snowflake theme and even though I don’t really like the cold, I love how beautiful everything looks covered in snow.  I had one of my grandsons’ in the car with me yesterday and he said, “Look Grandma, everything looks glittery!”  And I must agree that it did… the sun was hitting the snow just right and it looked like glitter had fallen right from heaven!  So Pretty.


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December Calendar Ideas

Here is my December calendar!

This month for my calendar, I decided to make a fun little garland using mini cupcake liners and doilies!  I think that it turned out pretty cute.  You could use this idea with regular sized cupcake liners and doilies to make a bigger one and of course you could change up the colors to use for any season!

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October Calendar

Here is my Oct. Calendar.  I am just loving my new board and the fact that I can decorate it every month!  I know that I am weird, but it is like my very own bulletin board.  I can see my whole month at a glance and I love that it is a CUTE glance!

I wish that my calendar were really this empty, but that is only wishful thinking!  :)

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